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Davey says 16 years ago
That's right, want to go. Got no money. Maybe next year. I've seen it in movies and it looks real, real high tech and futuristic. Any advice from people who have been there?

Merry Christmas from Tokyo!
Susan says 16 years ago
I'm in Tokyo right now enjoying the hyperdynamic city that's always blinking. I'm here for the Christmas holidays and thought a little variety from China while not straying too much from the region would be a great idea...
Loving it so far.
Everyone should visit at some point.

Should visit at some point
Dale says 16 years ago
I really should visit this place at some point. I've been to a gazzillion places in the world including a LOT of Asian countries but yet I managed to skip Japan. I heard it's a fun place with a lot of people... and maybe also a lot of hobbyists as well!
Actually who knows, Uncle Sam might pay me to go there some day.

My favorite destination
Simon says 16 years ago
I just love Japan and I've been here three times already. I have written some reviews on various cities in Japan that I have been to. Don't hesitate to ask me about anything you want to know about Japan before you go. This is truly an awesome country with plenty of things to see and do. People who just come here for the Manga or Anime are really missing out. I know a few of those people but seriously, go outside and take a look around. This country is amazing.

Japan is amazing!
Karen says 17 years ago
Japan was a great experience for me, the country is just marvelous. I went on a vacation to Tokyo with a couple of friends and wow is it really hectic and busy there. The restaurants are great and the culture is very unique. If anyone ever gets a chance to go to Japan, you should definitely check out Harajuku. The people in Harajuku defintely know how to express their sense of fashion.

I love this place
Steve says 17 years ago
I just love this place. Everything from the culture to scenery to food. It's a one stop you have to experience in your life time. If you're into tech gadgets, Japan's got it. If you're into exquisite food prepared extraordinarily, Japan's got it. If you're into culture, just choose from many interesting districts....just go and experience for yourself.

My intro
Susan says 17 years ago
The Japanese have an "understood" etiquette that people just know of what's expected of them in public places and between one another. This can be confusing at times especially if you're a gaijin (foreigner) but once you get the hang of it, you come to accept it and it becomes second nature. In my first couple of weeks I realized that the Japanese put a great deal of weight on upholding face and their reputation.

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