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York Minster

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York Minster | Welcome to York Minster
York Minster is one of the great cathedrals of the world. We invite you to enjoy its vast spaces, filled with music and revealing the human imagination at work on glass, stone,...

York Minster | News | Friends of York Minster News
One hundred and five people registered for our first Minster Community Day held at St William's College on March 18th. The Dean had invited us to come to the day in order to seek a common mind about what the Minster Community is, and what it might be and to ask whether, as members of the Minster Com...

York Minster Cathedral Yorkshire
and is the largest Gothic church in England. It is 524 feet (160m) long and 249 feet (76m) wide. The height from floor to vault is over 90 feet (27m).The twin west towers are about 184 feet (56m) high, and the lantern tower 234 feet (71m). A visit to the Central Tower offers excellent views over the...

York Minster
A slow makeover of the Minster began in 1220 with the South Transept, followed by the North Transept. The styles of these transepts are quite unique, though they were built but a few years apart. The North Transept is famous for its "Five Sisters"; five graceful lancet windows topped by fi...

York Minster, York - Reviews of York Minster - IgoUgo
Coming back through the screen, you will find yourself confronted with lots of people leaning over tables with mirrors on top. This signifies that you are in the part of the building that burnt down during the 80's and was rebuilt. The tables are to allow you to view the ceiling bosses, which are go...

York Minster, York, YO1 7JF Tel: 01904 557216
York Minster is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe and is one of Great Britain’s most popular visitor attractions. Half of all the surviving medieval stained glass in England can be found in the Minster. The Great East Window is a magnificent example, depicting more than 100 bibli...

York Minster Virtual Tour
The Cathedral & Metropolitcal Church of St. Peter in York is popularly known as 'York Minster' from its original foundation as a missionary church or monaterium. It is the seat of the Archbishop of York and, as such, is, not surprisingly, the most dramatic of churches in Northern England. It is ...

York Minster, York, United Kingdom : Reviews of York Minster - Yahoo! Travel
Centrally situated, the famous York Minster is visible from much of the city. It has three towers and is the fifth church to be built on this particular site. It...

York Minster - York - Reviews of York Minster - TripAdvisor
The Minster is stunning inside and out, it's impossible to explain the overwhelming feeling of entering a place so old and rich with history. If you're afraid of heights don't climb the st...

York Minster - York Minster - Icons of England
York Minster is particularly of interest to art-lovers, especially those of stained glass, the Great East Window being the biggest medieval example of its kind in the world (the size of a tennis court). The cathedral also boasts the widest nave in England, a 10.8-tonne bell called Great Peter, sever...

York Minster - York, England
saw a great deal of preservation work, especially after a 1967 survey revealed the building was close to collapse. £2 million was raised and spent by 1972 to reinforce and strengthen the building foundations and roof. A fire in 1984 destroyed the roof in the south transept, and around £2...

Latest reviews of York Minster, York, United Kingdom
to meet some friends from online. I was taken to York to see the wonderful sights. This church is simply WOW, amazing. The details and art work is wonderful and I just love the tour you can take under the church. It has been built up over time and each area has imformation and arifacts to show and t...

iExplore Community: York Minster - York, England
From Roman times through to the 1200s, several buildings stood where the Minster now stands. It wasnít until 1220 that construction of the present-day Minster began. It took 250 years to complete and in 1472, the Minster was proclaimed completed and great ceremony was held to mark the occasion. It w...

iExplore Community: York Minster - York, England
There are so many things including the wonderful memorials in the side aisles of the chancel and the chapter house with its glorious ceiling. For an additional 2 pounds (7 pounds for everything but the tower), you may see the undercroft and the crypt. An audio guide is provided and the tour reveals ...

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