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York Dungeons

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12 Clifford Street, York, YO1 1RD


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The Dungeons | London York Edinburgh Amsterdam and Hamburg
You can now book a multiple-pass ticket for 3 of London's hottest attractions. Visit the London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds and the British Airways London Eye all for one remarkable price. The BIG three ticket is only £39.95 per adult and £30 per child and offers a great solution for the ho...

The York Dungeon | The Dungeons York | York Dungeon Tickets | Ghosts of York | York Attractions
You are in the depths of the most haunted city in England and can feel death and restlessness fill the air as a chill grips your very bones. Through the silence comes a haunting wail and then suddenly you are confronted by a vengeful ghostly presence that leaves you paralysed by fear...will you esca...

York Dungeons, York, United Kingdom : Reviews of York Dungeons - Yahoo! Travel
York Dungeons is an animated waxworks museum depicting tortures through the ages. Not for the fainthearted. Follow the gruesome guides on a tour of York's plague...

Latest reviews of York Dungeons, York, United Kingdom
in costume to scare you round corners and to give you tours of differant sections are excellent and could not have been better, and they were the highlight of the whole experinece. This attractio...

York Dungeon - York - Reviews of York Dungeon - TripAdvisor
The York Dungeons are a great way of killing an hour (2 hours if you haven't bought tickets online first and have to wait in the queue!) Very entertaining and educational (without the kids...

The York Dungeon - York - - QYPE
York Dungeons is a great place to take kids on a day trip out. It offers history and fact, whilst being lots of fun. It has actors on the route round playing out parts and jumping out on you. It's particularly a good one for boys as it does get gruesome when they show you old instruments of torchure...

York Dungeon, York : Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao.co.uk
...as a student in York for 3 years and never visited the dungeon until I decided to cram a few touristy trips in with my boyfriend before I leave in June. Anyway, this is a decidedly scary experience. The dungeon is actually underground, which adds to the chilling,ice-running-through-your veins atm...

York Dungeon, York - York venue review - Itchy York Guide
The dungeon lies in sharp contrast to York's more sedate museums, bringing more than 2000 years of gruesome history back to life, and also quite a bit of death. There are realistic reproductions of torture tools from the Middle Ages including the rack, and you can see Guy Fawkes after he was capture...

York Dungeons, York | MyTravelGuide.com
York Dungeons is an animated waxworks museum depicting tortures through the ages. Not for the fainthearted. Follow the gruesome guides on a tour of York's plague ridden streets as they were in the 14th century and watch out for the rats, the carriers of the plague. See Dick Turpin, England's most fa...

Reviews needed on York Dungeon
is the UKs most famous thrill seeker, kids& family theme parks. With a over 6 million them...

York Dungeon - York Dungeon - York website - E&A Details
The York Dungeon brings more than 2,000 years of gruesomely authentic history back to life.....and death. As you delve into the darkest chapters of our grim and bloody past, recreated in all its dreadful detail, remember, everything you experi...

York Dungeon, an Attraction in York, North Yorkshire. Search for North Yorkshire Attractions.
The Vikings are back!! For centuries Britain has shuddered at the memory of these fearsome Nordic warriors and their legacy has helped shape the history of the ancient city of York. But the true story of these bloodthirsty invaders and the horror they unleashed on the citizens of York has always bee...

York Dungeon - Review - For the bloodthirsty, not the faint hearted.
Well to start with you will find the York Dungeon in the York City, it is just off the river in Clifford Street. You have to cue up for a little while, queuing all depends on the amount of people there. On our first visit there were about 30 or more people and it took about 30mins to get in, on our ...

York Dungeon - Review - Duck me!!....I'm a witch!
We were ushered forward to the first 'experience' and I have to say that experience is the right word to use for this place. There were displays depicting the plague, not the rats and the fleas, here the emphasis was on the gory side of living during the plague, the boils, the pu...

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