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Wawel, 5, Krakow, 31-001


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Wawel, Krakow - Reviews of Wawel - IgoUgo
Conveniently situated in the city centre on the Wawel Hill, the royal home guarantees an invaluable lesson in Polish history. This was the seat of power from the 11th century until 1609 when the capital was transferred to Warsaw. Then occupied by Austrian troops, eventually, in 1930, the museum was ...

Wawel, Krakow, Poland : Reviews of Wawel - Yahoo! Travel
Conveniently situated in the city centre on the Wawel Hill, the royal home guarantees an invaluable lesson in Polish history. This was the seat of power from th...

Wawel Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski) - Krakow - Reviews of Wawel Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski) - TripAdvisor
We found Wawel Castle disappointing. Firstly we joined a large queue for 40 minutes just to get tickets to the state rooms and the military/treasury rooms. To be honest had we known what to ...

iExplore Community: Wawel - Krakow Popular%20Sights
A tour to Wawel Hill and Wawel Castle can take an entire day if you're interested in history. First there is the Wawel Cathedral underneath which most of the Polish royalty has been buried. In the actual castle you can see the Armory, Treasury, Royal Chambers, as well as art galleries etc. There is ...

iExplore Community: Wawel - Krakow Popular%20Sights
The complex is the chief tourist attraction in Poland and it does get horrendously busy. I would recommend getting there as early as possible – it opens at 9.30 – to help beat the afternoon rush. The complex system of ticket charges doesn’t help much either. Just glancing through my leaflet reveals ...

Krakow - Review - My kind of town
~ The Royal Castle that surrounds a magnificent, colonnaded, three-tiered Renaissance courtyard, built around 1500. Krakow was then the capital of a united Polish-Lithuanian state that also ruled much of what is now Belarus and the Ukraine, its domains about five times the size of England's at the t...

Royal Wawel Castle (Zamek Krolewski), Krakow - Read Reviews
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Lost Wawel Krakow | Poland - Cracow Life
Wawel Hill used to be something of a Royal Town in itself, but a cluster of buildings were swept away by the Austrians during the nineteenth century. Traces of ancient Wawel dot the expanse of greenery between the Royal Castle and the gargantuan red-brick edifice to it's east (the latter housed the ...

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