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Waimea Canyon

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Koke'e Road, Waimea, HI 96766


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Waimea Canyon - Reviews from across the web

Beautiful - user review
I highly recommend Waimea Canyon as it is fun drive and the canyon views are spectacular. Expect large crowds as the canyon is popular with tou...

Waimea Canyon - user review
We drove the 17-mile road up and through the canyon itself, and then into Kokee State Park. There are many, many dozens of lookout points to stop at along the way, and try to stop at them all--not just the official very touristy ones. Take Waimea Canyon Drive, NOT Kokee Road, as the latter is filled...

Waimea Canyon - user review
It was breathtaking and worth the long drive from the north side of the island to get there. I had never seen a canyon before this, so I was amazed as to what we saw. We did this after a long day of rafting on the Captain Zodiac. Being that it was only 30 minutes from where we were, we said we were ...

Alert: Waimea is on Kaua'i - user review
Though this entry for Waimea Canyon is cataloged under Island of Hawaii on Yahoos web-site, it is located on the Island of Kauai. Dont dissapoint yourse...

Waimea Canyon - user review
The Waimea Canyon, which is also called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, is an awe-inspiring gorge on Kauai's West shore. There are two roads leading to Waimea and they intersect higher atop the mountain. They steer you toward Route 552(Koke'e Road), but I took Route 550 (Waimea Canyon Drive), which...

Great hiking, Amazing views, really fun drive too! - user review
We spent so much time exploring the canyon that we completely missed our Na Pali Coast cruise! (Thankfully they fit us in the next day). It was worth it - the canyon is stunning, and t...

Waimea Canyon State Park - Introduction - expert review
If you have yet to make it to the Grand Canyon, Kauai's Waimea Canyon takes a close second. Some have in fact nicknamed this 3,600 foot deep slit in the island's volcanic soil the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific'. Certainly here, as with the better known canyon in Arizona, soaring cliffs, sunlight and ...

Waimea Canyon - user review
The Waimea Canyon is called the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. A beautiful deep river gorge that lasts approximately 10 miles. There is a winding twisty road that will take you to the top of the canyon. Be sure to take something if you are prone to motion sickness. I would also recommned taking your own pi...

Great hiking, lack of signage frustrating - user review
This is definitely a must-see, and a must-hike for those up to it, but be aware that it is a long drive up and really is a full day trip. My husband and I hiked the Canyon Trail to the ...

second trip, just as good as the first - user review
spent half the day just looking, it was beautiful.very different from the grand canyon, because of all the green...

Born and Raised in Waimea aka Kamuela, Hawaii. - user review
Just wanted to let you all know that the Waimea Canyon is located on the island Kauai NOT the Island of Hawaii aka The Big Island of Hawaii. There is also a little town ca...

Our best vacation! - user review
It was so beautiful and it was all free! You get to see the Grand Canyon of Hawaii and if you take the road all the way up it takes you to the top of the Na Pali coast. So go...

No title - user review
Yes, believe what you hear, Waimea canyon is a dead-ringer for the Grand canyon, especially when compared to the view at the North Rim. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it myself. ...

Wrong Island!! on Kauai Island!! - user review
Waimea Canyon (The Little Grand Canyon), in Koke State Park, is on the Island of Kauai, not the Big Island of Hawaii. I lived in Hawaii for 20 yrs. There is a beautiful place,...

The Beauty of Hawaii - user review
One of the most beautiful treks I've done in my lifetime.There are so many different things to see on this trek...and you will not be disappointed. When you're done with the trek....

No title - user review
As we made our way to the last few steps of the look out pont of the canyon all we could hear were the aaahs of amazement from ourselves and the other visitors. Don't miss seeing th...

on Kauai - user review
Waimea is a common name throughout the Hawaiian Islands. For example there is the famous Waimea Beach on Oahu. There is also the town of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Wai...

Waimea Canyon - user review
This beautiful canyon is known as the Grand Canyon in the Pacific. The spectacular view from the top is a perfect picture spot. A great way to see the canyon is to drive up by ca...

Paradise Found? - user review
The entire ezperiance of visiting Hawaii was great. The local lifestyle of the hawaiian people made for a very comfortable and relaxing week. The thought of seeing the ...

Awesome - user review
The Waimea Canyon in Waimea, HI was awesome; make sure you take the outrigger tours. Hawaii is much more then the beach and night life. So totally...

Sooo Beautiful - user review
We went to the canyon one afternoon but the low clouds and rain stopped us from seeing anything at the top of the canyon. I am so glad we decided to go back the next day. I could n...

My favorite picnic lunch spot - user review
We drove our rental convertible (great way to see more and feel the warmth) to waimae canyon to see what to do. We stopped at all the look outs -took all the pictures like everyone else ...

Waimea Canyon - user review
This natural formation is so amazing that I can't even accurately describe it. I have been to the Grand Canyon many times and loved it, but this is so much more amazing. The rock formations and colors are fabulous, and the lushness of the surrounding areas make it that much more amazing. The canyon ...

Waimea Canyon - user review
You cannot go to Kauai without seeing what Mark Twain is accredited with saying is the Pacific?ôs Grand Canyon. While not as impressive as the Grand Canyon, it is impressive in its' own right. I cannot remember the roads in Arizona, but these roads were narrow and steep, and I am very very glad that...

No title - user review
This place is awesome. It's like a mini Grand Canyon. You have some great views, and you can see waterfalls (look still) from a distance. It's the second best views to...

Must See! - user review
This was one of my favorite places I visited during my stay on Kauai. My friends and I went up Waimea Canyon Drive all the way there and stopped many times for photographic opportunitie...

Must See - user review
The Waimea Canyon is definitely a must see on Kauai. It really is breath taking. Although it is not as Grand as the Grand Canyon, it is beautiful. We hiked down the Canyon Trail to W...

Waimea Canyon, Kauai
Waimea Canyon is the largest canyon in the Pacific and truly a dramatic sight to behold. The canyon measures 10 miles long, 1 mile wide, and more than 3,500-feet deep. It was carved thousands of years ago by rivers and floods that flowed from Mount Waialeale's summit. The lines in the canyon walls d...

Waimea Canyon - Waimea - Reviews of Waimea Canyon - TripAdvisor
Waimea Canyon is amazing to put it simply. I wouldn't recommend the drive from Kekaha (Kokee Rd. Highway 552) as it seems really long, is very winding and not nearly as scenic as the Waimea Canyon Drive (Highway 550) from Waimea. The first overlook is wonderful. We were there midday and the lighting...

Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park, & Kalalau Valley Overlook, Kauai
This 40-mile round-trip drive follows the western rim of Waimea Canyon from sea level beaches to the rain forests of Kokee State Park at an elevation of 4,000 feet. Beginning in the small town of Waimea, this drive follows the entire length of Waimea Canyon, passes through the tall, dense forests of...

Waimea Canyon Bicycle Downhill - Kauai Outdoor Adventure Activities
Join us for this exhilarating half-day ride in the stunning Waimea Canyon that's all downhill and totally uplifting. Saddle up and give your pedals a few cranks, we'll start at 3,600 feet and then it's a safe ride down to sea level, stopping to marvel at the dramatic canyon cliffs and dazzling Pacif...

Waimea Canyon and Koke'e State Park, Kauai
If you are hiking, you can leave cool weather gear behind. It can get very warm, especially down in the canyon. Be sure to bring your hiking boots. Much of Hawaii can be muddy and Waimea Canyon is no different. Jeans are also recommended to protect your legs, but bring old ones that can be thrown aw...

7 Wonders of Hawaii: Waimea Canyon | starbulletin.com | Features | /2008/04/05/
Take Route 550 in Waimea or Route 552 in Kekaha. Route 550 is more scenic, but most residents bringing friends to the canyon for the first time opt for Route 552. It is a much more spectacular sight to get to the lookout without peeking beforehand. Kokee Lodge in Kokee State Park has a restaurant, c...

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