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Waikiki Beach

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Kalakaua Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96822


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Waikiki Beach - Reviews from across the web

Waikiki - Introduction - expert review
Waikiki's natural assets—white stretches of sand lapped by warm aquamarine waters and fringed with palm-trees—have allure apart from the many other area attractions. Hours of sun may call for some time in the water, and along the shores here there are enough water sports to keep you occu...

My own walking tour of Waikiki Beach - user review
The Waikiki Beach area is very walker-friendly in general. However, there can be a lot people on the sidewalks at various times, a lot of automobile congestion and groups of surfers lugging surfboards over their heads. All of these can present dangers. I left my hotel in the early morning hours and ...

Waikiki Beach - user review
Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in the world. This is what people picture when the picture Hawaii. The beach is lined with huge modern hotels, and crowded with tourists basking in the sun. With Diamond Head (volcanic mountain) in the background, you can swim or stroll or relax, and forget abo...

Waikiki Beach - user review
Waikiki Beach is what you think about when traveling to Honolulu. Before seeing the beach, everyone has an idea of what they are expecting. Waikiki Beach is not as big as you might think, but it's worth the trip! There?™s Diamond Head in the background, surfers in the water, and the Duke watching ov...

Waikiki Beach - user review
It was a surreal moment to take the first steps into the Pacific Ocean at Waikiki Beach. The famous white-sand beach had plenty of visitors and the water was a beautiful turquoise in color. There are plenty of water activities and rentals from beachside vendors and lots of nearby food options. We ha...

Waikiki Beach - user review
We never seemed to find time to actually swim in the water. We did spend time sitting together on a bench to watch spectacular sunsets and people watch. We viewed the activity from our hotel balcony where we could see the surfers and long canoes going out to the big waves. We strolled along the side...

Waikiki Beach - user review
Go swimming at the beach....any beach. Oahu tends to have the best `swimmable` beaches in Hawaii. Meaning safer. The water is warm and inviting. Get out of the hotel pool and dive into the beach! Previous...

a million people on a strip of sand - user review
If your idea of a tropical vacation is laying towel to towel with millions of people while kids run by and kick sand on you then this is your place. I on the other hand was extr...

The Beach - user review
The best part about the water on this beach was the fact that I could go underwater and open my eyes without being stung by the salt. The waters clarity surpassed that of mos...

This is one of those... - user review
This is one of those places that once you have seen it, and walked on these sands, and taken in all the surrounding beauty, you are convinced that it doesnt get much better than...

So beautiful it's a sin... - user review
The views are utterly captivating. We discovered the ShoreBird and had our Mai Tais right by the shore. I love it there. The water is stunning, the people and atmosphere is ama...

Waikiki isnt that great.. - user review
Waikiki has a lot of shops and is beautiful, but it is too crowded! I have been to Oahu 4 times and I prefer to stay away from waikiki unless i go shopping. The north shore is much...

Go to Maui instead. - user review
Waikiki was like being in Vegas, if Vegas was a third world country. If I had paid to go there I would have been angry. There are hundreds of places better in the Hawaiian Islan...

Nice beach, plenty of activities - user review
The water is amazing, the sand is perfect and there are tons of places to rent surfboards, rafts, etc or get surf lessons. The beach is long so there are plenty of places to han...

I've been to Heaven. - user review
Pro. The people both native and non-native, lots of them. All polite and helpful. The beach at night is fun, a mini Key West Fl. Free entertainment. Its nice to walk the...

it was so cool i loved it I've never seen anything like it - user review
I loved the place because it was big and lots of activities for you to do the people where nice the water was great and the seniear was so relaxing and beutiful there was a little ...

Waikiki beach fun - user review
This beach is so great. We went in March and it wasnt as crowded as we thought. The water was just right behind the wall which allows calmer conditions for easy wading. The o...

WAIKIKI FEVER - user review
My hubby & I went to (Oahu) Waikiki, Hawaii last October as a celebration vacation - His returning from his 3rd tour in Iraq... If you have never been to Hawaii.... GO!!! It is absolu...

Catamaran Sailing off Waikiki Beach - user review
This 2 hour sailing cruise leaves from the beach of Waikiki from most of the hotels. There were two leaving from the Sheraton Moana. They charged $15 or $20 and had beverages for you to buy. It was an easy sailing tour with no rough seas, but a great view from the ocean. The sailing gives you perspe...

Waikiki Beach - user review
The image of Hawaii in many people's minds. It is a fascinating place to be. There is so much going on here that it can be overwhelming at times. But I'd take that to everyday life anytime! Not a pristine seaside paradise, but as one of the world?™s greatest resort playgrounds, it?™s irresistibly ex...

Waikiki Beach | Beach | Things To Do in Oahu, Hawaii | Travel | Disney Family.com
This is an obvious must-do if you're in Oahu, if not staying in the Waikiki area itself. We spent a lot of time on Waikiki beach. The water is so blue, it's amazing - even though we live near a beach in California, the difference was still like night and day... the only downside (if there really is ...

Waikiki Beach Activities :: Honolulu Hotels Activities Help
- Father Damien, the Belgian missionary famed for helping those afflicted with Hansen's Disease, has his own musuem in Waikiki. Though he is most famous for his hospital located on the island of Molokai, this museum features, among others, several exibits and a short video that packs an emotional wa...

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