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Bacino San Marco, (St. Mark's Square), Venice, 30124

Canal along Campo Sant'Angelo
Photo by La Citta Vita | Flickr
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Vogalonga, Venice, Italy : Reviews of Vogalonga - Yahoo! Travel
On the first Sunday after the Ascension, this regatta, which was first held in 1975 has become one of the town's biggest events, is open to everyone and all typ...

The Vogalonga, Venice's Long Row - International Herald Tribune
The following year, hardly had the armada got going under a drizzling and overcast sky before a violent stormhit the lagoon, sweeping its suddenly heaving waters with driving, icy rain. Some boats foundered, others battled their way to islands or sand banks, or lashed themselves to bricole, the wood...

The Vogalonga Rowing Event, Venice | Italy Heaven
Pretty much any kind of rowing craft can take part, and does, from canoes to dragon boats. In 2007, for the 33rd Vogalonga, there were a record 5,600 participants, in over 1,500 boats. Teams and individuals from the Veneto, from the rest of Italy and from many other countries join in and add to the ...

Vogalonga Venice, Vogalonga 2004
It was during the lunch following the race that the idea of a non-competitive race to be held the following year was launched. A race in which any type of rowing boat could participate. This race would be an invitation to the city authorities and citizens to act against the decline of the city, agai...

The Vogalonga Regatta in Venice - Vogalonga - Rowing competition
This is surely the most spectacular Venetian boating event. This rowing marathon, famous around Italy and the whole world, will get underway against incomparable scenery of St. Mark’s basin. Over two thousand rowers, many of them from outside Italy, abroad a thousand rowing boats of all types ...

Vogalonga hits Venice - Country news
The final stretch down the Grand Canal is a site not to be missed. This race is not for the faint-hearted, as competitors usually train intensely for mo...

Vogalonga in Venice
However, the indisputable glamour of the departure and the splendid procession make it possible for the rowers to forget most of the many annoyances. Shortly after the start, either alongside the amusing dragon boat or the elegant Venetian balotina , the rowers find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder, ...

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