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Kharkiv , Ukraine
About Me:
Have you ever seen the puzzle together pieces of different colors? This mosaic of Viktoriia! She is on the horoscope Gemini, and the eastern horoscope - Tiger.:)

Viktoriia is a lawyer, explorer of culture and history of the peoples of Europe, Africa and Asia, an ethnographer, traveler, travel writer and travel photographer. She is very optimistic and positive person.:)) She is am Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.:)

Viktoriia began traveling in 1995. Traveling alone or with friends and travel buddies: hitchhiking, train, mountain biking, and any other land, air and water transport.

In between trips she studied and graduated in 1997, the National University of "The National Law Academy of Ukraine" in Kharkiv, and in 2001 received a doctorate in Administrative Law of Ukraine in 2006, Viktoriia graduated the International Slavic University - faculty "Business Management".

Viktoriia has a reputation as adventurer woman, who visited the "hot" spots of the planet Earth, she saw an attempted coup in Myanmar (Burma), Egypt, Congo, Mali and other countries, which experienced a life-threatening attacks of malaria and cholera ... And after Viktoriia in 2003, sailed 970 miles in the kayak on the river Niger, visited while in Nigeria, Niger and Mali.

Also in between trips to the work of various organizations and wrote about her travels for magazines and newspapers. As a result of travel were written books, practical travel guides and photo albums.

In the period from 2008 to 2011 Viktoria was traveling with his friend (and later fiance) Peter from Germany. In 2011 he took part in the project journey of Viktoriia "The life experience of the peoples of Europe, Africa and Asia." The project started 18/02/2011 and ended 14/04/2011 of the year. In July 2011, Peter and Viktoriia decided to marry in the Ukraine, but Peter has not arrived at the wedding ceremony - on the road to the airport in Frankfurt-am-Main, he was killed in a car accident. But, despite this, Viktoriia does not give up, continuing to work, writing and traveling. And her heart again free, and is looking for a new companion, not only for traveling, but also for the "journey of life" (for marriage and family formation).

Spoken Languages:
Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, English
I like read books, listen music, look good films, cooking, go by a mountain bicycle, hitch-hiking travel and to travel. :) I like to travel and I dream to travel all over the world. And also like photography, politics and psychology.

Favorite Cuisines:
Ukrainian, Czech and Italian. Fast-Food: McDonald's and Chicken HUT.

I shall share recipes and knowledge how to cook for the Ukrainian national cuisine. I wish to learn other the world national recipes cuisines.

Favorite Destinations:
Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Jordan, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine
Favorite Books and Authors:
What kind of books I like to read?

I like to read good detectives
, the classical literature and books on psychology, PR-teсhnology, political technology, PR-political technology, PR-"black" technology, books about politics and politicians of all countries, historical novels and stories. I read also newspapers and magazines.

Favorite Movies:
What kind of movies I like to watch?

I like to look films with sense. I love good detectives with logic sense and the logic end. And I still like to look good and kind comedies.:)

Most Memorable Travel Experience:
I went to school life in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and received very good life and travel experience.

From 18/02/2011 to 14/04/2011, I took part in the trip around the world "The Life Experience of the peoples of Europe, Africa and Asia".

Favorite Quote:
"Travels teaches more than anything was. Sometimes a day spent in other places, gives more than ten years of life at home".

"Anyone who is looking for friends
, deserves to find them, one who has no other ever wanted to have them."

"In a foreign country traveler - a bag of money
, which all strive to be emptied as soon as possible."

"It is better to see the world 100 times
, 100 times to hear about it".

"Family life is not without difficulties
, we need them to become stronger in order to move forward, so we do not fall asleep on the warm couch watching television, watching other people's happy life."

"If you dream of a rainbow
, be prepared to get under the rain!"

"To say 'I love you" take a few seconds
, the show takes a whole life ... the love - it is a verb! "

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