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Venice is the most unique destination in the world. The city is the object of various nicknames – “The City of Water”, “The City of Bridges”, “The City of Light”, the “Queen of the Adriatic”, and “A Fairy City of the Heart”. Unlike other cities, cars are banned in Venice and residents and tourists alike must travel by boat. The city is built on an archipelago of over 120 small islands formed by a number of man-made canals and connected by over 400 bridges. The brick and stone buildings in Venice are built atop wood piles that are rooted in layers of clay and sand. Much of the wood foundations have been submerged for centuries and have shown no signs of decay. Historians believe Venice was founded by refugees looking to escape the barbarian invasions of Roman cities such as Padua, Altino, Concordia, and Aquileia. Whatever may be the case, Venice has become a major tourist attraction and is especially popular among newly weds. The image of a gondola streaming down the calm waters of Venice at night in the backdrop of a shining moon can’t help but boil to surface the romantic sentiments of men and women alike.

There are several things to do in Venice. Visiting the Rialto Bridge in central Venice is a must. Completed back in the 16th Century, it is easily Venice’s most recognizable icon. This is also where the Rialto market is located. The Rialto food market is relatively cheap (for Venice standards) and a great place to pick out fruit, cheese, vegetables, and fresh seafood.

Gondola rides or, alternatively, Vaporetto (water bus) rides are also musts and allow visitors to relax and marvel at the architecture and remarkable structures of Venice as well as ride down the Canal Grande.

San Marco is another district or site in Venice that is worth a visit. The district is home to the famous Piazzo San Marco, nicknamed “the drawing room of Europe”. It is the only large urban space in Venice and a popular gathering place for tourists. The buildings around the square include the famous Grand Canal, San Marco Basilica, the San Marco Clocktower, the Doge’s Palace, and the Palazzo Dandolo.

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