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Temple of Olympian Zeus

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Vassilissis Olgas Street, Athens, 105 57


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Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens - Athens Club and Bar Reviews - IgoUgo
Begun in 515 BC, this huge temple was dedicated to the worship of Zeus. Its perimeter included 104 Corinthian columns, with additional columns inside the building that housed a huge gold and ivory statue of Zeus. After the temple's destruction by invaders in the 4th century AD, the marble from the r...

The Temple of Olympian Zeus- Athens, Greece - VirtualTourist.com
According to tradition, the establishment of the sanctuary goes back to the time of mythical Deucalion. In ca. 515 B.C., Peisistratos the Younger, began the construction of a monumental temple which was not finished because of the fall of the tyranny in Athens. It was finally completed by the Roman ...

Latest reviews of Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece
this place wasn't just a normal monument it waz so beautiful. Something that i will never forget like my sweet 16. This monument HAS BEEN STANDING LONGER THEN I'VE BEEN ALIVE. SO THAT WAS A GREAT EXPERICE TO SEE SOMETHING AND ADMIRE HOW LIFE PASTED BY THIS MONUMENT FOR LIKE 1000 YEARS (I THI...

Temple of Olympian Zeus (Stiles Olymbiou Dios / Olymbion) - Athens - Reviews of Temple of Olympian Zeus (Stiles Olymbiou Dios / Olymbion) - TripAdvisor
We visited the site in late September and thoroughly enjoyed it. Photographers will want to go early in the day to get nice shadows from the remaining columns plus get the distant Acropol...

Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion), Athens
, the temple was left unfinished, apparently because the Greeks of the classical period thought it anti-democratic to build on such a scale. Aristotle cited the temple as an example of how tyrannies engaged the populace in great works for the state and left them no ti...

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