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Santa Rosa de Copan Travel Guide

Santa Rosa de Copán is set in one of the most beautiful regions of Honduras, the western highlands. The friendliness of the people here makes you want to stay forever. The town is more like a village; if you stayed for a week or so, you’d get to know pretty much everyone.

The economy of Santa Rosa de Copán is based mainly on tobacco, more specifically cigars. Honduras is actually known for rolling cigars that many believe rival those made in Cuba. If you visit Santa Rosa de Copán, you’ll definitely need to try the Zino cigar, which is the pride of the locals. The smoother Santa Rosa and stronger Don Melo cigars, while quality in and of themselves, are considered comparatively inferior. The Flor de Copán is the old tobacco factory that produces the Zino and can be visited by tourists during the weekdays who are interested in seeing how the tobacco leaves get piled. The factory is located west of Parque Central.

Santa Rosa de Copán, however, is also known for producing amazing coffee. The Beneficio Maya is a factory many tourists like to check out. You can observe the roasting and grading process at Beneficio Maya or just sit back and sip through each of the fresh export-grade coffee varieties on sale.

The historic town center of Santa Rosa de Copán is a must. It is located at the hilltop casco histórico, which has recently been renovated. At the town center, the narrow cobblestone streets are lined with beautifully preserved colonial-era buildings.

For a cultural experience, you should visit the Casa de Cultura. Located in a restored building, the Casa de Cultura is a center for theater, ballet, and modern dance performances.

Shopping can be done at the Mercado, which is located about two blocks east of Parque Central. This market sells local Honduran clothes, footwear, handicrafts, and other souvenirs. There are food venues as well. It is a great place to dine for breakfast especially, as you’ll get to sample the famed atoll chuco – a mush of fermented corn mixed in with beans, roasted squash seeds, and sprinkled lime juice. In general, the food in Santa Rosa de Copán is respectable. The best restaurants in town are the steak and meat houses, but you’ll find pizza venues and traditional Honduran restaurants as well.

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