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Rosslyn Chapel

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Rosslyn Chapel Trust, City of Edinburgh, EH25 9PU


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Rosslyn Chapel - Edinburgh - Reviews of Rosslyn Chapel - TripAdvisor
I've wanted to make the trip to Rosslyn Chapel for ages, but this was the first chance we've had the time to actually visit. It was easy to hop on the bus from Edinburgh, and only a short w...

Edinburgh: Rosslyn Chapel - Traveler Reviews - Disappointed - TripAdvisor
A few bus lines run from Princess St. to Rosslyn then a short walk to the chapel. Small entrance fee. They were in the midst of a restoration of the outside so we were able to take stairs up and walk around on the scafolding - amazing. Try to time it for the tour - the guide will point out items of ...

Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh, United Kingdom : Reviews of Rosslyn Chapel - Yahoo! Travel
This atmospheric and beautiful church is situated just outside the village of Roslin, to the south of Edinburgh. It was built around 1446 by William St Clair - it...

Latest reviews of Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
When I was there in summer of 2004, I saw a play about the murdered apprentice in the very chapel itself -- so I have a really wonderful memory. Touching the real Apprentice Pillar is a moment not to be missed. The whole chapel seemed to be brought to life by this Fringe Festival play. With some fri...

Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh : Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao.co.uk
...people would have heard of Rosslyn Chapel, but now thanks to Dan Brown, this 15th century Scottish chapel has found worldwide fame and this has been reflected in vastly increased visitor numbers. This year Rosslyn Chapel expects to receive 100,000 visitors compared with 65,000 last year and 6,000...

iExplore Community: Rosslyn Chapel - Edinburgh, Scotland
Signs describe some of the history and significance of the building and its details. You can also listen to the tour guides. One of the fascinating stories told to visitors is that of apprentice pillar. The master mason began a pillar but was unable to complete his work and so journeyed to Rome to r...

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland
, the master mason felt he needed to see the original inspiration for the design, located in Rome, before he could perform the complicated task of carving the column. But upon his return, he found that his upstart apprentice had completed the column. In a fit of jealous rage, the mason struck the ap...

Rosslyn Chapel Guide - Yahoo! Travel Guide UK
This atmospheric and beautiful church is situated just outside the village of Roslin, to the south of Edinburgh. It was built around 1446 by William St Clair - it is unique and famed for the beauty of its extraordinarily detailed carvings and its aura of mystery. The carvings refer to both Christian...

Rosslyn Chapel Edinburgh Scotland - Scottish History Feature
The way in which these myths and theories have coincided and woven together disparate themes is in itself a fascinating story. The early traditions of freemasonry claimed a link with the military orders, and adopted some of their themes and symbolism (the Scottish exile Chevalier Andrew Ramsay was t...

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