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Pearl Harbor

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Off Highway 99 after Halawa Gate, Honolulu, HI 96818


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Pearl Harbor - Reviews from across the web

get there early - user review
the monument is stunning, very emotional, get there early to avoid long lines! you can take a digital camera but no cell phones or video came...

Eye opening experience - wonderful! - user review
My husband and I thouroughly enjoyed the Pearl Harbor exhibit and tour. It was a fascinating look into history and you could feel the emotions of that day in Pearl Harbor. The k...

Pearl Harbor - user review
On December 7, 1941, 'a day that will live in infamy,' Japanese warplanes bombed the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Even if you were born after that time, when you visit this historic site, you will be moved by the memory of that event. You will see a museum of photo...

No title - user review
Pearl Harbor Memorial is a well maintained free location for travelers visiting Oahu. Parking near the site is also free. It is well run by the park service. Visit the main area to...

Pix of Pearl Harbor from a Different Angle - user review
Having worked in Pearl Harbor especially on Ford Island for many years, it was quite a treatto still have connections (DoD) which granted meaccess onto the Island, Ford Island in P...

Depressing - user review
Totally depressing. If you want to ruin a good day go see it. 90% of the tourists are Japansese and you cant help but feel a little anger towards them. Go see the r...

Must see attraction - user review
If you love to learn and take in everything a location has to offer when you travel, you must go to Pearl Harbour. It was a eye opening experience that tugged on our heart strings...

We didn't get there early... - user review
We went to Pearl Harbor on Saturday May 19th. We got off the plane at 1:30 and arrived at Pearl Harbor around 2:30. It closes at 3PM, which means there are no more boats out to the mem...

Pearl Harbor - Timings for visit - user review
Just to follow on from the review below, we went in early March and tour guides, the hotel, etc, told us to go early. We reckoned that everyone would early so went at lunchtime and did...

After the Tan: Terrific Things to Do on Oahu - expert review
Chowing down on dim sum for breakfast in Chinatown, soaring?in a seaplane over?the site where Godzilla was filmed, holding?a real wood and bone weapon in your hands on a ‘behind the scenes?tour at the Bishop Museum: great stuff, but who knew? Most people landing in Oahu head to Waikiki Beach to toas...

Worth a visit - get there early! - user review
Everyone should visit the Arizona Memorial while on Oahu. But here?™s a VERY important tip: Arrive before 8:00 AM!! If you don?™t, you will end up waiting 2-3 hours just for the 75 min...

$10.00? - user review
I didnt like the fact that we had to pay $10.00 per person to tour the Bowfin sub, 7 years ago it was free. As a Honolulu resident I think I should have gone on free. Where i...

going back - user review
i couldnt help but cry, when i saw all the names on the wall. i went two years ago and now have a chance to live in hawaii for the next 5 years. i will go back with my husb...

Beautiful Memoriam - user review
This was such a memorable occasion that I will never forget. This place is a MUST SEE, I am grateful to our military and will always honor them. Beautiful go and visit this awesom...

awful and boring - user review
unless your randfather died there or you are a history teacher, don´t go, it is far, expensive, boring, you travel for hours to see a floating thing in the sea, and then they sa...

Must visit this place! - user review
Get here early the lines start forming quickly. We got here around 6:30am and by 7am the line was over 150 people deep and in the wide grassy area. The tickets are free and so is parking...

Maybe early isn't best - user review
Everyone says to get there at the crack of dawn, so everyone does. We were there at 7 and waited in huge lines. When we got out there was a much smaller line. Still early, just not THA...

No title - user review
Our end destination was Maui but we had to fly into Oahu. We decided to make the best of it bymaking the trip over to Pearl Harbor to see the USS Arizona and the Mighty Mo.First, we...

A must see. - user review
Such an experience! It's a must do in Oahu. We got to the Memorial around 7:30 am on Sat, May 12 and there was about 100 people already lined up. By 8:15, atleast 500. Sounds crazy b...

A beautiful part of History - user review
We were vacationing in Maui and made a special trip over to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor. We actually purchased tickets online a couple days before we went, so we didnt have to worr...

Visiting the Arizona Memorial is... - user review
Visiting the Arizona Memorial is an absolute must! This is a free tour which begins with a 20 minute movie of the bombing of Pearl harbor, then a boat ride to the memorial wit...

Wonderful experience - user review
This was a wonderful experience for us. I had a father and several brothers in the military in past years. This visit had special meaning for me. I would highly recommend going...

Pearl Harbour - user review
We stayed on Oahu in 2002, and while we enjoyed everything we did, i.e. the hawaiian night etc.---the highlight of the holiday, was our trip to PEARL HARBOUR. It was so moving, the film s...

Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, HI : Reviews of Pearl Harbor - Yahoo! Travel
The tragic occurrences and subsequent world-changing events associated with this naval base make it a crucial part of American history and heritage. While the h...

Pearl Harbor.com
Regardless of your age, or your interest in World War II, a visit to Pearl Harbor Hawaii is an extremely emotional experience. There are many war memorials across America, but there's something truly different here. At 7:55 on the sunny morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, 183 Japanese warplanes swo...

Pearl Harbor- Honolulu, HI - VirtualTourist.com
Seeing the inside of a battleship is like visiting a miniature city, with all of the areas of the ship being a smaller version of their land counterparts. Not much room for sleeping, and look out for the low ceiling or the narrow hallways (corridors). The main attraction of the ship is standing on t...

Pearl Harbor - Honolulu Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
Sitting on the bridge wing loking across the harbor at the Arizona Memorial and thinking about getting back home and that I would probably never see this place again.So ...

Pearl Harbor - Honolulu - Reviews of Pearl Harbor - TripAdvisor
We did it all here! The Arizona Memorial, The Battleship Missouri, The Pacific Aviation Museum and the Bowfin Submarine. LOVED every minute. What a great place for a great history lesson! Even if you don't like history, it's really cool to see how the people had to live on the ships and the subs. Ho...

Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour: INCLUDED with the Go Oahu Card
Take a special look at Honolulu’s history on the Pearl Harbor & Honolulu City Tour. Travel first to Historic Pearl Harbor, site of the Arizona Memorial Museum, where time is allowed for you to explore the museum, view the movie and take a launch out to the Arizona Memorial. After this very mov...

Pearl Harbor Tour - Arizona Memorial & Honolulu City Tour
, you'll have an opportunity to browse the Museum and souvenir store, as well as watch a historical film depicting the events of the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You will also have an opportunity to bo...

E Noa Tours | Circle Island Tours, Pearl Harbor Tours and Eco-Tours on the island of Oahu, Hawaii
Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, the Mighty Mo' and the new Pacific Aviation Center with our Pearl Harbor Tours. Enjoy boogie boarding, snorkeling, hiking and various sightseeing activities through any of our Oahu tours that show you the beauty, culture and hist...

Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog: Pearl Harbor in Honolulu
When your ticket number is called, visitors are asked to assemble at the theater entrance in preparation for the tour to begin. The guided tour of the USS Arizona Memorial includes a 23-minute documentary film of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a short boat trip and a self-guided exploration of the Memo...

The Mall at Pearl Harbor - Honolulu, HI
Great place. They usually have good deals on just about anything. A little lacking in the electronics department, but I didn't expect much from a military exchange store. The Commissary (grocery store) is huge. Some advise though, don't go on a friday on or near government payday. It will be...

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center PHVC Hawaii Marine Corps Remembrance Flagstaff Photos
When the venerable old Ford Island ferries finally gave up their vehicles and passengers to the Admiral Cleary Causeway, the Halawa Landing - sandwiched between the USS Arizona Visitor Center and the USS Bowfin Submarine Memorial and Museum - degenerated into a shabby, unkempt parking lot with scatt...

Honolulu's Most dependable full service shuttle
After you finish our Pearl Harbor Tour, continue on a completely narrated comprehensive tour of Downtown Honolulu, Chinatown, Punchbowl Crater National Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu Harbor, Fisherman Wharf and lots more. Historic Honolulu tells the story of Hawaii's transition from a monarchy to...

Pacific Aviation Museum - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
View the site concepts for Hangars 79 & 54, which were the battlegrounds for the infamous December 7th attack at Pearl Harbor. Visitors will be able to learn about this event at the location where it happened, as well as other great aviation achievem...

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