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Park Guell

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Carrer d'Olot, Carretera del Carmel, Barcelona, 08024


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Park Guell, Barcelona - Reviews of Park Guell - IgoUgo
There are various ways to approach Park Guell. Perhaps the most appropriate is along the Carrer d'Olot through the main gate, which is flanked by two buildings. The name of the park is spelled out on boldly colorful medallions. From here you can go uphill and follow the natural procession. As you cl...

Park Guell by Antonio Gaudi
Guell park contains amazing stone structures (see below), stunning tiling and fascinating buildings. You can see from this picture the Gaudi dragon fountain that is at the entrance to Guell park. This dragon is adorned in beautiful coloured tiling and there is something rather hypnotic and magical a...

Parc Guell- Barcelona, Spain - VirtualTourist.com
This park was built by Antoni Gaudi, it is unique and a must see in Barcelona. There are many different areas that make up Parc Guell. The center and perhaps most interesting part consists of the large snake bench. Each part of the bench has a different looking pattern and color. My favorite part of...

Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain : Reviews of Park Guell - Yahoo! Travel
These ornate parks and gardens are an Edenesque retreat in the center of Barcelona. Orignally intended as a public housing project, the site was turned over for ...

iExplore Community: Park Guell - Barcelona, Spain
From afar, one would think they were looking upon an amusement park, but once you get close enough, you'll find that the level of detail that was put into Park Guell is astounding. Each multi-colored mosaic was carefully crafted and shows the obsessive nature of Anton Gaudi. You can even take a tour...

Guell Park (Parc Guell) - Barcelona - Reviews of Guell Park (Parc Guell) - TripAdvisor
I enjoyed the morning we spent at the Parc Guell greatly, it is a wonderful work of art, a good view point and a nice walk through what must be an authentic Spanish garden (especially if y...

RealTravel - Park Guell Review | Park Guell | Barcelona
Visting this park is like stepping inside a painting - a very colorful wild painting. A mosiac tiled lizard waits at the top of the stairs, and a very long winding colorful bench beckons you. We ran around and took billions of photos - this was truly my favorite place in Barcelona. I can see that ki...

Parc GŁell (Barcelona) - Review - Fantastic Mosaic Park!
The bus only takes you to a spot and you have to climb up a slope in order to reach the park. It is all worth it when you reach the entrance. "Park Guell" sign were being made into many different color tiles combination. There are around 10 different version. They all linked up to form the...

Parc GŁell (Barcelona) - Read Reviews
Parc Guell is a fabulous place to visit. You can't go to Barcelona and not see something by Gaudi, even if just by accident, but this is a must. We spent a whole morning there, just wandering around and chilling out. For those of you that know nothing about it, it was originally planned as a housing...

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