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Museum of the City of Athens

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7 Paparigopoulou Street, Klafthmonos Square, Athens, 105 61


Museum of the City of Athens - Reviews from across the web

Athens City Museum - Athens - Reviews of Athens City Museum - TripAdvisor
A small museum, housed in a resideince which outline the development of Athens as a city. If you have a lot of time available go, otherwise it can e...

Museum of the City of Athens (Vouros-Eftaxias), Athens, Greece : Reviews of Museum of the City of Athens (Vouros-Eftaxias) - Yahoo! Travel
This stately mansion (dating back to 1833) served as the royal residence between 1836 and 1843. Now a museum, it recreates the everyday life of the first Greek k...

The Athens City Museum | Museum/Attraction Review | Athens | Frommers.com
-- Edward Lear. Amalia's piano is still here, along with portraits of the royal couple. A mini-throne room shows where the royal couple received important visitors, and a model shows in detail the small town of Athens of 1842. Special exhibits, usually small and very well done, focus on aspects of 1...

Museum of the City of Athens - Athens Info Guide
There also is a plaster model of Athens as it was in 1872. It was made by Ioannis Travlos and Nikos Gerasimov to a scale of 1:1000. The model was based on a drawing of the city by Fr. Stauffert made between 1836 and 1843 and on numerous photographs, written sources and drawings. The model offers a p...

Museum of the City of Athens by Greece Museums Guide - #1 Travel Guide to Greek Culture
Lambros Eutaxias was also keenly interested in cultural issues and was a renowned art collector recognized by the art lovers throughout Europe. He was also a great lover of Athens and therefore collected everything related to the Greek capital with a passion. His efforts bore fruit in 1973, when he ...

Museum of the City of Athens, Attica - lastminute.com
It displays paintings and engravings related to the history of Athens, mainly from the 18th to the 20th centuries, as well as furniture belongin...

Museum of the City of Athens (Vouros-Eftaxias) , Panepistimio , Athens , Greece
There are many 19th-century paintings displayed throughout the museum, as well as lots of memorabilia from that era. There is also a collection of paintings, sculptures and engravings (from the 13th to the 19th century) by foreign artists who were inspired by Athens. Some of these artists had never ...

City Museum of Athens, Athens, Attika, GREECE - Dilos Holiday World
Athens first attained the status of a town in the Middle Hellenic period, when the worship of Athena was established on the Acropolis. The Dorian invasions were followed by an obscure period, during which the Phoenician alphabet was adopted to express Creek in writing. Athens began to emerge as an a...

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