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Museo delle Cappelle Medicee

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Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini 6, Firenze, 50123


Museo delle Cappelle Medicee - Reviews from across the web

Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee) - Florence - Reviews of Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee) - TripAdvisor
Technically Medici chapel is a part of the San Lorenzo church, but there is a separate entrance and a separate admission fee to pay. There three main parts of the Medici chapel - some tombs ...

Cappelle Medicee - Firenze - Recensioni di Cappelle Medicee - TripAdvisor
Technically Medici chapel is a part of the San Lorenzo church, but there is a separate entrance and a separate admission fee to pay. There three main parts of the Medici chapel - some tombs ...

Florence Museums: Museums in Florence, Tuscany
The Medici Chapels are a remainder of the times of the powerful Medici family of Renaissance Florence. Built onto what they considered as their own private church, the San Lorenzo Basilica, even Michelangelo was involved in designing the sacristy, where the chu...

Museum Tickets for Cappelle Medicee-Florence (Italy)
The Medici Chapels, attached to the apse of the church of San Lorenzo, consist of two distinct spaces containing Medici family tombs from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Chapel of the Princes, designed by Don Giovanni de' Medici, was begun in 1604 by Matteo Nigetti, and completed by Buontalenti, wh...

Cappelle Medicee, Florence, Italy : Reviews of Cappelle Medicee - Yahoo! Travel
The Medici Chapels are historical labors that are as grand in their own way as are the pyramids of Egypt. Started in 1605, these shrines were under construction...

Museo delle Cappelle Medicee Florence, Florence Museum.
Situated in a part of the Basilica of Saint Lorenzo, a time parish of the Doctors and place of interment of the members of the family beginning from the 1400's, the museum is famous above all thanks to the presence of tombe of Giuliano and the Lorenzo de' Doctors, realized from Michelangelo in the s...

Cappelle Medicee | Florence Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
Michelangelo received the commission for the New Sacristy in 1520 from Cardinal Giulio de' Medici (1478-1534), who later became Pope Clement VII and who wanted a new burial chapel for his cousins Giuliano (1478-1534) and Lorenzo (1492-1519). The result was a tour de force of architecture and sculptu...

Le Cappelle Medicee - FLORENCE LIVE!
The underground chambers of the Church of San Lorenzo, restored after the flood, hold the simple and suggestive Tomb of Cosimo the Elder, inserted into the central pillar, and the Tomb of Donatello, whose plaque was placed there during a la...

Cappelle Medicee, Florence - An Italy Attraction
The building of these shrines started in 1605, and they were under construction for centuries. Eighty five years earlier Michelangelo was given the task to design and build the New Sacristy from one of the Medici cardinals, Giulio de’ Medici who is remembered in history as Pope Clement VII. Typical ...

Cappelle Medicee (Medici Chapels) | Museum/Attraction Review | Florence | Frommers.com
is an exercise in bad taste, a mountain of cut marbles and semiprecious stones -- jasper, alabaster, mother-of-pearl, agate, and the like -- slathered onto the walls and ceiling with no regard for composition and still less for chromatic unity. The pouring of ducal funds into this monstrosity began ...

Florence: Medici Chapels (Cappelle Medicee) - Traveler Reviews - Go to the Medici Chapel in Florence - TripAdvisor
We hadn't planned on visiting the Medici Chapel while in Florence, but Fodor's recommended seeing it and it was right in our path between where we parked and the duomo. It ended up being my favorite site in Florence. There are really only two rooms to see - the Medici chapel burial room and a second...

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