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Munsterplatz, Basel, 4051


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Munster (Cathedral) - Basel - Reviews of Munster (Cathedral) - TripAdvisor
I was in Switzerland a few months, and mostly in the Basel region. It was often that I walked past the Munster, each time, entranced with its architecture. The first time I saw it, ...

Switzerland Travel Community: Basel%20Munster - Basel Popular%20Sights
The Muenster is Basel’s biggest church. Towering on Munster Hill over the city, this definitely is the most well-known building of the city. It is made of red sandstone, with two towers (one seems always to be under construction). It is worth it to take a guide and let him explain all the things you...

The Münster Basel Switzerland
with a patterned roof in the thirteenth century and rebuilt following an earthquake in 1356. The tower of St George, on the left of the main frontage, has some white stonework dating from the original church (consecrated in 1019), as well as a thirteenth-century statue of the saint impaling a dragon...

Pictures of Historic Basel, Switzerland
The Munster church is highly decorated with many small towers and two big towers, a colorful roof and high gothic windows. Inside the church is the grave of Erasmus. Unfortunately, in three days we couldn't manage to visit the church at a time it was open, so we left Basel without a visit to the hum...

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The drive to build a transcontinental railroad was complicated by the importance of where geographically to build it. The political and business interests stalled the project for many years. Finally, in 1853-54 Senator Gwin of California got an appropriation into the War Department budget to allow t...

Basel Things to Do Tips by Myndo - VirtualTourist.com
On one April 1st (fools day) a radio station made a joke, saying, that the gouvernment has decided to paint the Middle Bridge white. That was quite an uproar (for nothing, since it was only a joke). But because they really did paint part of the bridge white in the night, they had to clean it off ......

For a first view of the city, the best place is the Pfalz, a terrace on a cliff behind the Munster, Basel's 700-year-old cathedral. The panorama encompasses the bend in the Rhine River that residents call its knee, four bridges and three ferries linking the left and right banks, the industrial and s...

Basel Bands 2003
Basel staffs to the Munster..........................., Basel cliquers...................., What's scary about Scots ...

Antique Maps Of Switzerland
. Matthäus Seutter entered the cartographic world in 1697 as an apprentice to Johann Baptist Homann, but he soon set up his own flourishing map business in Augsburg. He was so successful that he was appointed as the Geographer to the Imperial Court. His sons, Georg Matthäus and Albrecht Ca...

Antique Maps of Holland
A fine map of Low Countries by 'the father of French cartography,' Nicolas Sanson. Sanson is noted for his use of up-to-date scientific information, and this map one of the best depictions of the Netherlands that was available at the middle of the seventeenth century. This map is of particular inter...

Basler Münster
Das Münster gehört zu den Hauptsehenswürdigkeiten von Basel. An markanter Lage hoch über dem Rhein gelegen, strahlt die ehemalige Bischofskirche in die Region aus. Das reformierte Gotteshaus ist ein lebendiges Denkmal romanischer und gotischer Baukunst (1019-1500) in rotem Sandst...

The Old Print Shop
Tavola dell'Isole Nuove, le quali son Nominate Occidentale, & Indiane per Diversi Rispetti. (...

Basel Things To Do - Travel Guides - VirtualTourist.com
The Dreiländereck what would mean three countries corner if translated, is exactly that. The point where Switzerland, Germany and France come together. The place would actually be in the water in the river Rhine (Rhein), but they have some sort of Marker on a warft you can walk on. To go there, you ...

Sebastian Munster
The years 1518-1529 form an interlude, incompletely documented, in Munster's life. This was nevertheless a period of strenuous intellectual activity, expressed in numerous publications in hebraistics and by his earliest printed works on cosmography, geography and applied mathematics. In 1524 he was ...

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