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Monterey Bay Aquarium

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886 Cannery Row at David Avenue, Monterey, CA 93953


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Monterey Bay Aquarium - Reviews from across the web

Monterey Bay Aquarium | Museum/Attraction Review | Monterey | Frommers.com - expert review
Attracting nearly two million visitors each year, the site of one of the worlds most spectacular aquariums was not chosen at random. It sits on the border of one of the largest underwater canyons on earth (wider and deeper than...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
If you've never been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium before, you must go! The Aquarium is located on the edge of Monterey Bay on the central coast of California in the town of Monterey. The street it sits on is Cannery Row, made famous by the world-renowned author, John Steinbeck. It was formerly the s...

Enjoyed everthing about it! - user review
This place is totally awesome. The experience was shared with my parent, husband and of course my children. We all had a very good time. When got tired, we were able to go outside,...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
You've just got to go! Opened in 1984, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a world-acclaimed, non-profit, self supporting facility. It is home to more than 300,000 sea creatures, representing almost 600 species. There is a 28-foot tall kelp forest in a 335,000-gallon tank. The sea otters are a delight. The...

nice museum to explore - user review
There are a lot of exhibits that you get to interact with. The Jellyfish Exhibit was my favorite. Its really neat inside. My mom took a picture of one the Jellyfish exhibit...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
The three story tall living kelp forest is my favorite. In the aquarium you will find jellyfish, octupus, turtles, tuna, sharks and so much more. The times I've been here there were school trips taking place. I loved watching the kids expressions of wonderment. P...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
Probably one of the largest aquariums in the U.S., if not the largest, Monterey Bay Aquarium was one of the film locations for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Remember George and Gracie, the whales and when they were at the aquarium? This is that aquarium. They have a great kids' area called Flippers...

The Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
Located at the end of Cannery Row in an old sardine factory, this attraction is a must-see for travelers with children in tow. In fact, I would suggest it to any marine life lover as one of the nicest aquariums I have ever visited, well worth the price of entry. Whales hang from the ceiling, and the...

A great family experience - user review
The amazing thing about the aquarium is it has successfully combined conservation, education, and excitement into a great package. Truly a wonderful experience for kids, and th...

Monterey Bay Aquarium (Penguins!) - user review
Monterey Bay Aquarium is an all-day affair, if you want to see every single exhibit. My husband and I happily settled spending a half-day focused on the Nearshore Wing looking at the penguins, Monterey Bay Habitats, and the seahorses, among others. There is a jellyfish exhibit due to open in the Out...

Great place and not just for children - user review
This is a stunning, scientifically based facility which offers families and crumblies like us a truly memorable day out. The various tanks are well displayed and I was stunned by the ...

Great Aquarium - user review
Well I love the Monterey Bay Aquarium. After going yesterday for the new sea otter exhibit, it was really nice and lots of information. I havent been there in over a year and ma...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
I won't say too much about this place, as it's all been said before by other IgoUgo contributors. I will say this, though: GO! It's fun, it's educational, and you'll spend half a day here. The kids will love it and thank you, as did my niece. We found the sea otters to be our favorites. Watch them e...

beeeeutifulllll!!! - user review
Loved the Aquarium, Cant wait to go back! Great for young and old alike! Awesome Trip! We took our two children ages 8 & 10 and they were amazed at all the fantastic displays. H...

Too many people for the price - user review
I know that some of the price of my ticket supports the work and educational opportunities of the Aquarium. But even with that deduction, my feeling was that the price was too high for t...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
The aquarium was lots of fun. We were not prepared for the long line to get in, but don't worry. Even though we were in the black maze part of the line, we moved quickly and were inside the aquarium within 20 minutes. The aquarium was a lot more than I expected. It wasn't just amazing animals and pl...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - expert review
The minute you hand over your ticket at this extraordinary aquarium you're surrounded by sea creatures; right at the entrance, you can see dozens of them swimming in a three-story-tall, sunlit kelp forest tank. The beauty of the exhibits here is that they are all designed to give a sense of what it'...

The aquiariam is filled with... - user review
The aquiariam is filled with many exhibits that are very intersing for all age groups. From the kelp forest to the sea otters to the sharks. my kids really enjoyed the trip he...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - user review
You can't really miss the aquarium even if you're in Monterey for only a short time - but don't let the fact that it's so widely publicised put you off - it's great! Kids will love it, and I acted like a big kid for the entire day there. It's worth allowing a whole day to wander round, although the ...

Great location, good info! - user review
We really enjoyed the aquarium- lots of neat displays, great movies in auditorium. Top notch info. The feedings were really cool to watch- especially the kelp area! Many places f...

Great spot for kids and parents! - user review
We traveled to the Aquarium last weekend with our two sons (ages 5 & 7). They loved it as much as I did! There is a lot to see, so plan on 3 or 4 hours (or more). I would recommend takin...

No title - user review
The otters were my favorite... they are just so playful and entertaining. Spend a couple hours here and enjoy this beautiful aquarium. It has a nice variety and ...

Best Aquarium in the world! - user review
Wonderful place to get a feeling of the relationship of all living things, and a fun place to learn to care for...

Family Friendly - user review
A great place for a family get-a-way adventure. They make learning about the ocean sooooo easy. Kids dont even know they are in class. Also really great for us s...

Okay - user review
The otters and the view on a sunny day make this place enjoyable but it is small as these places go and can be very crowded. I find it limited and never feel that I got value on t...

Seaside location & good exhibits marred by price, overcrowding, & no wow. - user review
This aquarium has a lot of good exhibits with good detail in a nice building, but it may be a victim of its own popularity. Having read of it many times, and having enjoyed the aquari...

Sitting on the dock of the bay - expert review
Whenever I think about the Victorian time period, visions of stiff upper-lipped, broad shouldered women in tight bodices comes to mind. Luckily, after a recent trip to the Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove, California (near Monterey) all of those old fashioned ideas have been dissolved into soft flo...

keep coming back for more - user review
Some of my fondest childhood memories are of visits to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was an amazing opportunity for poor rural children to open their eyes to the wider world thro...

Beautiful! - user review
I'll keep this short and sweet.I have not been to all the aquariums in the world, but have been to a bunch in America. This one is by far the BEST!Given, I was lucky enough to visit t...

No title - user review
parking reasonable nearby, prices 24.95 per adult. small aquarium, certainly not as large as brooklyn aquarium in new york. not much to see. took us 2 hours or so. child friendly. reviews w...

Best Aquarium on the West Coast - user review
This aquarium is by far the best on the West Coast. It's so progressive and fun to explore. They are always taking suggestions for new exhibits and ideas on improving. Parking can be g...

i cant wait to go and visit again on the 12th - user review
I liked all the variety of fish. its a beautiful place to be at. the one thing that i liked the most is the different kinds ...

No title - user review
Because of some mixed reviews, we questioned whether to spend the time and the money on a visit to the aquarium. We're glad we did. I'll never look at kelp in the ocean in the same w...

Monterey Bay Aquarium: White Shark
Observing a white shark face to face is exciting for visitors—and helpful for scientists. But it's just a small part of our white shark research project. Studying white sharks in the wild is even more important and intriguing. Together with our research partners, we’re learning more every day a...

Seafood List: Abalone | Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seafood Watch Program
Although wild abalone populations remain in a state of recovery, abalone farming sustains continuing public consumption of this ocean delicacy. Farm-raised abalone are harvested when their shells are no more than four inches long, so any abalone bigger than that was probably poached, or sold illegal...

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Exhibits - Splash Zone
Discover a place where families can explore the ocean together. Dive into a kelp forest. Visit a coral reef kingdom, and explore a rocky shore. Rockfish, sharks and penguins call these places home. Meet them i...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Monterey, CA
My first visit to the Aquarium was a blast. Its great to see animals that you thought you'd never see in your life time up close. My favorite exhibit was the JELLIES. Which this is the last year they will be having that exhibit, it will be moved shortly. So stop by and see them before they go. I...

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Experience the wonders of the ocean at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Rated the nation’s No. 1 aquarium in the Zagat Survey U.S. Family Travel Guide, the Aquarium will put you closer to sea life than ever before. Our Ocean’s Edge galleries will amaze you with the three-story living kelp fore...

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA : Reviews of Monterey Bay Aquarium - Yahoo! Travel
This is one of the best designed aquariums going. A unique feature is the two-story tank, home to a kelp forest in which swim sunfish, sharks, and the occasiona...

YouTube - Monterey Bay Aquarium 2007 degicank.com
Our blackfooted penguins are taking a six-month vacation starting September 5th, while we build a bigger and better Splash Zone for them (and you) to hang around in. They'll be back on exhibit March 17, 2008. We've still got lots of family-friendly exhibits for you and your young-kids to explore and...

Monterey Bay Aquarium
If you live in northern California, consider a Monterey Bay Aquarium membership. It pays for itself in less than two Monterey Bay Aquarium visits for a family of four, and members enter through a special side entrance. You'll also get an excellent monthly newsletter, members-only nights, early admis...

Charity Navigator Rating - Monterey Bay Aquarium
Opened in 1984, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's mission is to inspire conservation of the oceans. From the beginning, we planned our permanent exhibits as a walk through Monterey Bay's beautiful natural communities. In 1996, we almost doubled our exhibit space with the opening of the Outer Bay Wing, dev...

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Monterey - Reviews of Monterey Bay Aquarium - TripAdvisor
We visited in mid-April, 2008; and spent many hours there. Though I'm not big on zoos, etc...feeling that animals and all belong in their natural habitat; this aquarium does an excellent job of presenting marine life in seemingly well thought out settings. There are many activities for children in p...

Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a federally protected marine area stretching along the central California coast, from Marin County to Cambria, encompassing a shoreline length of 276 miles and 5,322 square miles of ocean. The Sanctuary extends an average distance of 30 miles fro...

Monterey Bay Aquarium- Monterey, CA - VirtualTourist.com
This Aquarium is housed in an old historic cannery building. We didn't arrive until noon, so we ate lunch in the Aquarium's Portola Cafe. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. We ordered a tasty clam chowder and delicious raw oysters. This was an outstanding aquarium. There is a l...

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey | MyTravelGuide.com
This is one of the best designed aquariums going. A unique feature is the two-story tank, home to a kelp forest in which swim sunfish, sharks, and the occasional diver tasked with squeegeeing the algae off the tank walls. Sand dabs are displayed in shelf-like tanks ideally suited to the flat fish, a...

Monterey Bay Aquarium
devotes itself to the iridescent drifters, its display cases shimmering with lobed-comb jellies and sea nettles, animals with pulsing lava-lamp bodies and tentacles as frilly as lingerie. Though they have no heads, hearts, eyes, or brains, jellyfish have gotten by very well, thank you, flourishing f...

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