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Marina del Rey Travel Guide

Marina del Rey is an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, located south of the city of Venice.[1] Sometimes known as the Riviera of Los Angeles, the 1.3 square mile area of Marina del Rey boasts the largest concentration of fine restaurants in the county. The Marina has the world’s largest man-made harbor for small crafts. Over 6,000 private boats make use of this network of docks. Around the harbor, you can rent small boats and go out for a sail. The sandy beaches facing the ocean are wide, while the Marina area has a smaller beach more ideally suited for children and the physically disabled. Marina del Rey also has four grassy parks open to the public for picnics and leisurely walks.[2]

The complaint about Marina del Rey is its massive real-estate development. Not only is it full of chain restaurants, but you’ll find giant office complexes, monstrous apartment structures, and the presence of several major hotels. But it is not utterly without idyllic charm; at the south end of Marina del Rey is the picturesque Fisherman’s Village, the town’s main attraction.[3] It is a replica of a typical fishing town in New England, offering shopping, dining, and marina cruising.[4] Even more appealing is the channel-side bike and walk path that runs for 21 miles from the end of Fiji Way all the way to the end of the spit. Along this path, you can catch glimpses of yachts and speedboats sailing leisurely into the marina, and of the highlight of Marina del Rey – the annual Christmastime regatta.[5]

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