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Mamma Zu's

Category: American + Californian + Italian

501 S Pine St, Richmond, VA 23220


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Member Reviews

DO NOT GO this holiday season

Kim says 13 years ago
I'm never going back to this place again. Ever. I am so freaking upset right now I had to ask my husband to take me home. I waited in the car for 20 minutes while he was inside desperately trying to get a gift card for my father for Christmas. My husband and I had kind of enjoyed the food once before and thought, although the place is a dump and the parking is terrible, that my dad might enjoy something on the menu. My dad is difficult to please and only eats Italian food, and if I hadn't gotten him dozens of Mama Cucina's (delicious place btw) gift cards before, I wouldn't have even tried for something different. The hostess told my husband upon his arrival that a gift card "would be awhile" and haughtily walked away without another word. He waited. And waited. Then he left to tell me it didn't look like it was going to happen. I kindly asked him to go back, and try again, as this was the LAST stop on my xmas shopping list and I was eager to get it over with. He went back and a manager told him Amex wasn't accepted for gift cards. "Cash only - if you've eaten here before you would have known that." What a d*ck. My husband walked out, but I swear I would have punched the guy in the face because I don't have the patience for rude service staff like my spouse. Sorry, it's 2010 and I don't have $100 in cash on me in the city of Richmond waiting to be stolen off my person. BOYCOTT MAMMA ZU. Let's make the owner lose out on some business this winter - it's not acceptable to have people like that on the floor. Time to pack it up and get the heck out of Richmond. Go to Mama Cucina's in Innsbrook instead. The food is better too. Seriously. I'm not just saying that in my fit of anger :)

Mamma Zu's - Reviews from across the web

review of mamma zu's - richmond, va, 23220-6242 - richmond citysearch
not on the main road, back in the neighborhood of oregon hill. the location might not be the best, but the food is amazing. they are always packed, so plan on a wait, but t...

mamma zu's - richmond, va, 23220-6242 - richmond citysearch
those in the know line up around the building at 5pm. once inside, the scuffed floors, chipped china and rickety tables dont deter diners. real food lovers recognize each other as they stand and squint before the ...

mamma zu's - richmond, va, 23220-6242 - richmond citysearch
s pine st richmond, va the scenethose in the know line up around the building at 5pm. once inside, the scuffed floors, chipped china and rickety tables dont deter diners. real food lovers recognize each other as they stand and squint bef...

igougo: mamma zu - richmond restaurants, virginia
those in the know, and the serious food connoisseurs, converge on this lively local favorite that has won awards for its authentic i...

Mamma Zu's - Richmond, VA, 23220-6242 - Citysearch
The customer service is awful. Let me just get that out of the way right now. We were going with a large party (7 people) and called to make reservations. The fellow taking our reservation was curt (bordering on rude). The wait staff, while knowledgeable, was rushed and somewhat disinterested. Becau...

Mama Zu's, Richmond - Restaurants - VirtualTourist.com
This is an authentic Italian restaraunt hidden in the Oregon Hill area. It's a no frills experience. The menus is on a chalk board and the wine is served in jelly jar glasses. Don't let this deter you the food...

Mamma Zu's, Richmond - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor
The food here is decent, not great. I can think of a number of fan restaurants that beat this one hands down when comparing atmosphere, quality, quantity, and price. I often hear how great this restaurant is and in five visits I've never had that experience. After a meal I like to enjoy a cup of cof...

Mama Zu's
This place does not look good from the outside. It doesn't look much better from the inside. You want nice decor, got to the Olive Garden. You want great food, this is the place. You should expect a wait, especially on the weekends, of up to an hour. Have a glass (or two) of the house red and read t...

Flyfishmagazine: Rockfish at Mamma Zu's
. This Italian eatery looks like somewhere that I would have been hesitant to enter had I not been taken there on business. What looks like a hole in the wall turned out to be the home of simple yet excellent food. The kitchen is so small that they limit your table to two orders of fried oysters (th...

Richmond, VA -- Downtown -- Italian Dinner Night b4 Marathon?? - South - Chowhound
Well it is Mama Zu (Oregon Hill) someone will post about service but I have never ever had a problem. If 5 or more it will be family style. They also only take American Express, Cash, or Check. There sister (or brother) restaurant will be Edo Squid in the fan. Same style different atmosphere food eq...

Richmond, Virginia's Joe's Inn - Mid-Atlantic - Chowhound
The best place to eat in Richmond, Virginia is a neighborhood joint called Joe's Inn. It's located in the Fan District on Shields Avenue off the 2100 block of Grove Avenue. People from all over the region drive for miles to dine at the place despite the startlingly surly waitresses because of the pa...

Mamma Zu in Richmond, VA - AOL City Guide
As the adage goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Mamma Zu's may be located in an unremarkable neighborhood, and the small tables and cramped quarters may mean tight seating, but the food makes up for it all. If you're seeking a typical Italian meal smothered in red sauce, you've come to the wrong...

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