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Kudchi Travel Guide

Kudachi or Kudchi is a small town on the bank of river krishna. It is 105 kms from Belgaum, a district in karntaka state of India. This town is well connected by rail and road. One can reach Kudachi from anywhere in India by rail. It is on the way in between Pune and Bangalore.

Often it is called as a land of sufi saints because this town had many sufi saints in the past. Prominent among them are Shaikh Sirajuddin Junnedi R.A. to whom the town of Kudachi was granted in Inam in the year 1370 A.D. Hazrat Maasaheba Ashrafe Dojahan(Female) R.A. came to kudachi from Balkh and settled here. Hazrat Maasaheba's Dargah in Kudachi is a famous tourist destination.

Prominent Sufis of Kudachi
1.Shaikh Sirajuddin Junnedi R.A.
2.Hazrat Maasaheba R.A.
3.Shaikh Makhdum Junnedi R.A.
4.Shaikh Ladle Mashaakh R.A.
5.Peer Burhanuddin R.A.
and so on.......

There is a old tradition in Kudachi is that the people of the town prefer to marry their children among the relatives of the town itself. Hence one can see the relation among almost half the people of town.
Main business of the people of kudachi is agriculture.

It is a very peaceful town with no history of communal voilence.

The major Source of income in this small city is agriculture. This city is famous for many things. a)Sugar cane crop b)Tasty brinjals c)Different culture d)Religious places(dargas) And it has Streets like Patait Street, Maruf Street, Bichu Street, Jinabade Street, Peerzade, Karimkhan Street, Chammanshaik Street, Rohile Street, Raddi street, and many more..... Atif Patait Made many sites like MyKudchi in orkut.... This group is for those people who stay in and around KUDCHI, Belgaum, Sangli, Raibag, Chinchli, Ugar, Atheni, Jamkundi, Harugeri and nearby places, who stay and enjoy the lavish area.

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