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Kalalau Trail

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Kauai, HI


Kalalau Trail - Reviews from across the web

Don't miss the challange/experience of at least doing part of the trail ! - user review
We three(ages 57,29, and 8) wanted to just go far enough to take pictures of Ke'e beach. The first part of this trail is straight up and a challange for those not fit,as it seem more lik...

No title - user review
The trail for us was fairly decent compared to the Nu'alolo Trail which was fairly difficult. Yes, it is rocky in places, and very muddy but it is relatively safe. No 2600 foot drop of...

No title - user review
Hiking the Kalalau from beginning to end 11.5 miles later is a treat that every able bodied man or woman should experience at least once in his/her lifetime. The views, the foliage, the a...

No title - user review
My wife and I have been to Kauai four times and each time we wind up spending more time hiking than we spend on the beach. I was never a fan of hiking prior to my first visit to Kauai ...

Went back for the whole enchilada - user review
After hiking in 1/2 way to the Kalalau Valley last year I came back prepared to go the whole way in and spend a couple of days exploring the Valley. However, the pack load of 30+ lbs...

a you-know-what kicker.... - user review
This is not an easy trail to the Falls. It is 8 miles round trip, bouldering in places, which can be very taxing. We were on the trail for a bit more than five hours. My son and I, 2...

One of the best in the World... - user review
This trek is one of the best in the world.I was recovering from major surgery...and was not in tip top shape...but was still able to complete the full hike with no problems.It was well wo...

No title - user review
Hiking at the end of Ke'e Beach: Rating a 10!!. This 2 hour hike to the beach was wonderful. There were all ages of people doing this hike. It was long but the area is so pretty and you ...

No title - user review
This is a very beautiful hike, perfect for anyone in decent shape. While the trail is pretty long, the initial 2 mile hike is not too strenous and features several really wonderful views. ...

No title - user review
We hiked to the beach and then up to the falls. Amazing but somewhat technical in areas. Slippery mud and straight drop offs mean you must be careful and bring the right shoes - hikin...

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