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Jean George

Category: French

1 Central Park W, New York, NY 10174


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Jean George - Reviews from across the web

review of jean georges - new york, ny, 10023-7703 - northern new jersey citysearch
when you take a reservation a month in advance for a big occasion and then you cant even seat the customer at all, you wont be getting their repeat business. but then you probably dont need their business at all. w...

jean georges - new york, ny, 10023-7703 - northern new jersey citysearch
meals here unfold with all the pageantry one would expect from a restaurant that ranks among the worlds fine-dining vanguard. the main dining room, decorated in gray, cream and olive, is spare and elegant, while expansive windows bring the vigor and excit...

jean georges - new york, ny, 10023-7703 - northern new jersey citysearch
central park w new york, ny the scenemeals here unfold with all the pageantry one would expect from a restaurant that ranks among the worlds fine-dining vanguard. the main dining room, decorated in gray, cream and olive, is spare and elegant, wh...

the new york times > travel > new york city guide > restaurant details
when jean-georges vongerichten opened his small upscale restaurant, he put the emphasis on the food rather than the setting. the dining room is a glass box filled with fabulous aromas as waiters carve meats and l...

compare prices and read reviews on mistral terrace at epinions.com
although you have to reserve weeks in advance for the four-star jean georges, walk-ins are welcome at the adjoining mistral terrace, an outdoor cafe secluded from the str...

new york | dining | european | french | jean georges | wcities
jean-georges vongerichtens impeccable french contemporary restaurant, located on the southwest corner of central park in the trump international hotel, offers modern french food with pan-asian and other modern influences. the gleaming, modern space complements phenomenal dishes like herb-crusted rac...

restaurant row - restaurant detail
among culinary cognoscenti, the most eagerly anticipated restaurant opening of 1997 was easily jean georges. after a decade of simple, jazzy fare, chef jean-georges vongerichten, 41, was throwing his hat back in th...

gayot restaurant reviews
the beat goes on---wonderfully and beguilingly so---at jean-georges vongerichtenis flagship restaurant. he doesnit cook here much; that honor goes to executive chef team greg brainin and tony disalvo. however, meals here confirmed for the umpteenth time that this is a high-wire act with breathtaking...

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Throw in a few secret ingredients. I sprinkle fennel seeds over the fresh fennel slivers for a layer of anise-scented complexity. A glass of really good dry white wine poured into the pan mingles with all of the natural juices to become an amazing sauce. The key to roasting a whole fish and keeping ...

Jean Georges, New York City - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor
Dear Jean-Georges, My husband and I always LOVE dinners at Jean-Georges (1 Central Park West); it has been a special place for us for many years. Out of so many fantastic restaurants in NYC, Jean-Georges is always my number 1 choice. Tonight, however, was quite a disappointment. We had a 8:45 pm res...

Jean-Georges - New York, NY 10023
John George Vongerichten's flagship restaurant was on my list of resolutions for 2007. Having dined exquisitely at JoJo and Perry Street this year, my expectations were extremely high for my holiday treat to JEAN GEORGES. We arrived on time for our 10:30 seating..but found ourselves trapped in l...

Meet Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten of Jean George in New York City on the official website of Relais Gourmands
The unconventional Jean-Georges Vongerichten has set up his restaurant inside the Trump International Hotel, at Central Park West. Extremely fond of wild herbs and oriental flavors, he prepares a multitude of inventive French new cuisine style dishes, including an excellent white and red tuna marina...

Jean Georges in 1 Central Park West (between 60 and 61st Streets), New York on Dine.com
THE ABSOLUTE BEST LUNCH IN TOWN!! I LOVE Jean Georges, and will continue to spread the word. The $20.03 prix fixe lunch is the best deal in town....Three courses of expertly prepared dishes, that, while occasionally on the unexpected side, always turn out fantastic. Consistently great service and fo...

Most Expensive New York City Restaurants - Business and Expense Account Restaurants in New York City
Jean George, housed in the Trump International Hote and Tower, has revived tableside service, bringing the excitement of the kitchen onto the dining room floor with many final preparations for Jean-George Vongerichten's fabulous French cuisine tableside. Consistantly considered some of New York City...

ChuckEats blog » Jean Georges (NYC) - Bombastic Fantastic
Glad you enjoyed your meal, Chuck. There’s no question that is the best value for the money in NYC, and frankly it’s the best value for the money I’ve seen anywhere. I personally didn’t much care for the texture of the bread in combination with that of the uni, but the flavor...

Lunch with Two Exec Chefs at Jean Georges « The Wandering Eater
Can I tell you how much I appreciate Jean George Vonrichten for elevating chinese cuisine to haute cusine in America? Americans have so little appreciation for China’s culinary history (arguably one of the greatest in the world, althoug I’m obviously biased), and think chinese food is ab...

The Greatest Dining Bargain in the World | Serious Eats : New York
You might think I'm jumping on the bandwagon yapping about the ridiculously cheap weekday lunch at Jean Georges, but if I am, I'm jumping on my own bandwagon. Last year I told you about the $14 a course midday repast available at Jean Georges. Frank Bruni told you about it recently. Now I'm telling ...

Big Apple Dining Guide: Jean Georges, November 9, 2007
I took my usual seat at the bar (far corner spot nearest the kitchen) and she politely asked me to move as it, and the seat next to it, was reserved . Fine. I've never seen a bar seat reserved before, but went about my business three seats in. A few minutes pass by and another individual (who couldn...

Out to Lunch: Jean Georges - Diner’s Journal - Dining & Wine - New York Times Blog
Charlie Cook and other complainers are confusing price with value. Yes, $200 is a lot in absolute terms, and must seem high to anyone not in New York or San Francisco, but the value of a four-star dining experience is impossible to compare with lunch offerings at a lesser restaurant. I had lunch at ...

Jean Georges - Home - New York Journal
There are a couple of wonderful tables at Jean Georges that occupy small alcoves, and we were lucky enough to have one of these. With a wall on three sides of us, it almost felt like our own private world. However, it meant that all we saw out the window was the Time-Warner Center across the street,...

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