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House of Blackheads

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Ratslaukums 7, Old City - City Council Square, Riga, Riga LV-1050


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House of Blackheads - Riga - Reviews of House of Blackheads - TripAdvisor
One of the most magnificent buildings in Town Hall Square is the House of Blackheads (circa 1334 and rebuilt in 1995-99), which once hosted a brotherhood of foreign merchants and now serves as both a mu...

The House of Blackheads, Riga : Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao.co.uk
, capital of Latvia, is named after two metal cat statues on the top of its towers. You need to locate the building on a map, and look up. Don't bother if you aren't a cat lover. There's not much too this attraction - you can't go inside the building. You just stand on the pavement, and remember the...

St. Peters and House of Blackheads - RSchoettger's Photos - IgoUgo
Riga, as in Latvia, as in between Estonia and Lithuania on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea. Not on my personal travel list but I fortunately went on business. I arrived on a Sat...

The Blackhead's house - Riga Photos - IgoUgo
Vecriga is the Latvian name for Riga's Old Town. Crammed with cobbled streets, alleyways, medieval churches and century-old residential buildings, it can rightly be called a sanctuary of history. Add to these the various museums that ...

Riga municipality portal
The House of Blackheads was reconstructed and expanded for a number of times, however both pediments have been preserved many elements from the first and the 15th century’s periods. The entire second floor was built as a celebration hall. The biggest changes to the architecture of the house were m...

House of Blackheads dating from 1344 photo - Meeli Tamm photos at pbase.com
One of the architectural treasures of Riga, the House of Blackheads was just recently rebuilt in honour of the city's 800th anniversary in 2001. Dating from 1344, it was destroyed in 1941. The politically incorrect Soviets completely pulled down the ruins in 1948, because it was considered to repres...

House of Blackheads Riga | Latvia - Riga Life
, the original House of Blackheads (Melngalvju nams) was destroyed during the war in 1941 and buried by the Soviets in 1948. It was rebuilt in 2001 with careful attention to its original structure and exterior ornamentation to commemorate the city's 800th anniversary. Originally owned by a merchant ...

The House of Blackheads, a beautiful Gothic building originally from 1344. Blackheads was an organisation of unmarried foreign merchants Latvia Riga April 2004 - by Mr.X Team Photographers
The House of Blackheads, a beautiful Gothic building originally from 1344. Blackheads was an organisation of unmarried foreign merchants Latvia Riga April 2004 - by Mr.X ...

The International Bach Chamber Music Festival
The House of the Blackheads was the most important public building in RÓga in the 14th century, and it was, and is once again, located on one side of the City Hall Square. The building was put up by the city, and it was initially leased by the members of the Great Guild, as well as by a brotherhood ...

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