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Hollywood Hills Travel Guide

Hollywood Hills is the best known urban mountains in the U.S., an area once populated by all the celebrities and movie stars enjoying the views of the city from its heights. The area parallels Hollywood at the eastern region of the Santa Monica Mountains. The canyons and slopes of the hills overlook the LA basin and at night offers an illuminated overview of the city.[1]

Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood Sign is the chief reason most visitors come to Hollywood Hills. The famous sign known around the world sits at the top of Mount Lee in the Beachwood neighborhood. No public road leads directly to the sign, but Beachwood Drive is the closest. From the road’s terminus, it is a hike to get to the sign. There are cameras and lenses installed to catch any graffiti artist attempting to deface the sign. Tourists are also liable for steep fines if they cause any damage.[2]

Lake Hollywood
Lake Hollywood is a man-made body of water, a reservoir intended for drought relief. This lake is famous for bursting and flooding the city’s basin in the movie Earthquake. While it is not possible to get near the water, around the lake you can take a pleasant stroll along the footpath and see all the coyotes, lizards, and squirrels scurrying around.[3]

Whitley Heights
Whitley Heights is a neighborhood that is noted for its Spanish Colonial architecture, nice homes, and great views of the city. It was once resided by all the great silent film stars, including Gloria Swanson, Marie Dressler, Rudolph Valentino, and Francis X. Bushman.[4]

Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive is a famous stretch of road in the Hollywood Hills that offers spectacular views of the city of LA and its basin and valley. It starts near the 101 freeway and ends at LA County’s beachside boundary. The road runs for about 20 miles winding through mountain passes and canyons. At night, it is worth taking a scenic drive along this route to enjoy the illuminated city-grid of LA and the San Fernando Valley. There is a roadside park on this famous road with telescopes that you can use to take a peek at the regions below.[5]

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