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Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

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7455 Kalaniana'ole Hwy., Honolulu, HI 96821


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No title - user review
Hanauma Bay is absolutely amazing. It is gorgeous and the snorkeling is great. We saw probably 10 different kinds of fish and were able to take great pictures of them. It's very easy...

The reef is RIGHT at the beach! Wow! Great beginner snorkeling - user review
We are not experienced snorkelers - and Hanauma was great because the underwater sightseeing begins RIGHT off the beach! The only downside - because it's SO SHALLOW, you can't stand anywhe...

Loved It! - user review
This was my first experience at snorkelling. The best way to describe it is magnificent. It is great for beginners because you just swim off the shore, especially good for those who are...

Hunauma Bay Nature Preserve - user review
On our first full day on the island, we headed to Hunauma Bay Nature Preserve. Edged by a 2,000-foot golden beach, Hanauma Bay is Oahu?ôs prime snorkeling destination. I had read to arrive early, but it took longer than we expected to reach the park. We arrived at 9:45am and did not have a problem p...

Awesome!! - user review
This is a awesome place to be able to go snorkeling,swimming and just to be able to enjoy family time! It is just a beautiful pla...

good snorkling - user review
The required video was a waste of time and the $1 parking and $5 admission was annoying. The snorkling was nice with abundant colorful fish and coral some sea turtles. The place is...

IgoUgo: HANAUMA BAY NATURE PARK - Honolulu, Hawaii - user review
Famed for its beautiful horseshoe-shaped sandy beach and clear, calm turquoise waters, this natural marine sanctuary is home to thousands of colorful tropical fish. The waist-deep water inside the reef is perfect for novice snorkelers to explore. More experienced snorke...

Great Snorkeling... so pretty! - user review
If you dont have a rental car you will ahve to take a tour. The fees to get in are about $6 and it costs $9 to rent snorkeling gear. The area is beautiful... showers,...

Not What It Used To Be - user review
I remember Hanauma Bay back when it was THE premier snorkeling arena on Oahu. Unfortunately, time and tourists have caused a change from a magnificent place to snorkel to the natural pres...

This park has changed quite a bit since I visited there, first as a child, then as an adult. At one time guests of the park were allowed to feed the fish with corn and peas while scuba diving or snorkeling--now however you are allowed to just watch. Even still though, this is an amazing feeling, jus...

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve - expert review
The exterior wall of a volcanic crater collapsed, opening it to the sea and thereby giving birth to O'ahu's most famous snorkeling destination. Even from the overlook, the horseshoe-shape bay is a beauty, and you can easily see the reefs through the clear aqua waters. The wide beach is a great place...

Don't trust the advertisement, nice view but not worth it!! - user review
Can you imagine paying 5$ to enter the beach. Okay, that's fine if you get what you expect for. However, it's just wasting your money because there is nothing much to see instead of ro...

What a disappointment! - user review
Returning after 15 years to experience what we enjoyed years ago became a major disappointment. 15 years ago the fish came to you...anyone could be standing a foot from the shore...

Fantastic, even when murky! - user review
It's a dollar to park (if you drive) and another $5 to get in, then you watch a video about preserving the reef. After that, you walk down to the beach. Rentals go anywhere from $5-$10 per per...

Must see for all ages! - user review
We went to Hanauma Bay yesterday. We rode bus 22 from Waikiki (thebus.org). It is only $2 each way with one free transfer good for two hours (but you will probably want to stay long...

just wonderful sydney australia - user review
Well i would have to say that it great because it is the first time that my husband has been able to get down to the water for a long time has M.S they cater for disabiltys and ha...

The Dragon's Hole at Hanauma - user review
What a place Hanauma Bay must have been, once upon a time. Surely no more perfect representation of an island paradise ever existed, in the days before tourists speckled the perfect curve of its beach, polluting the peaceful cove with their radios, junk food, and boogie boards. Such is the fate of a...

Hanauma Bay - user review
My biggest words of advice are... go early! When we arrived at about 10:30am, the lot was completely full and they weren't letting anyone in. We were disappointed. We weren't planning on snorkelling, but I had wanted to take some photos. We drove further on, got out at some scenic points further alo...

My Son would love it! - user review
I have fond memories of this beautiful beach on Oahu. This was my first beach growing up that I actually fed the fishes. I was attending Kamehameha School for the Hawaiian Explor...

Hanauma Bay Nature Park - user review
Hanauma Bay Nature Park is one of the more popular recreational swimming, snorkeling and picnicing areas on O`ahu. The bay itself is legally designated as a State Underwater Park and Conservation District. The bay is the result of the ocean's breaching and incursion into two volcano craters. There a...

Wow!!! - user review
This place is MAJESTIC!!! I read all of the reviews before I went to Hawaii and was a little skeptical. We went to Hanauma Bay as part of a Day Excursion that included Scuba Diving. I am...

this place is cool. - user review
when i went to Hanauma bay, i was completely dazzled by its beauty. i saw a moray eel, pufferfish, sea turtle, and even a hawaiian monk seal. if you like adventures, hanauma bay ...

Go There! - user review
I had a great time here! I would love to go back. It was an amazing experience, but I would definately bring an underwater camera next time (they sell them for 18$ in the park). I ren...

A nice place to start out - user review
We had a tip from a neighbor to get there early, before opening, and found the beach relatively empty, but no equipment rental open (no required video either.) Charming colony of cats th...

Go early or don't go - user review
A beautiful spot - the views from the top are fantastic and the beach is wonderful. However it gets really crowded. We had to park on a side street 1/2 mile away and walk back...

No title - user review
We had a fantastic time at Hanauma Bay. All reviews say to get there early and we thought about booking a bus-tour to get us there. In the end our budget won and we just took the first ...

Hanauma Bay - user review
THis is where I snorkeled for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it! It's a fascinating and beautiful world underwater. Hanauma Bay Nature Park is one of the more popular recreational swimming, snorkeling and picnicing areas on O`ahu. The bay itself is legally designated as a State Unde...

Very beautiful - user review
In 1960, my mother lived at the base of Koko Head in a plantation home. As little kids we use to hike over to Hanauma Bay and spend the whole day and had fun. Now, after a visit ...

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