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Zwingliplatz, ZuRICH, 8001


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Great Church (Grossmunster) - Zurich - Reviews of Great Church (Grossmunster) - TripAdvisor
This 12th-century cathedral has both historical and architectural significance: Ulrich Zwingli led an important sect of the Reformation from here in the early 1500s, and the cathedral's twin towers serve as perhaps the most recognizable la...

Zurich: Great Church (Grossmunster) - Traveler Reviews - Loved the view from the Tower - TripAdvisor
Viewed Sep., 2006. Church construction begain back in 1100. The church is smaller inside than it appears from the outside. Has stained glass windows and small crypt downstairs. The crypt is not well maintained, the murals have faded quite a bit on the walls. There is no cost to enter the church but ...

Churches of Zurich, Zurich - Reviews of Churches of Zurich - IgoUgo
. Just the one graceful spire this time, and to my mind, a less pleasant interior. However the main feature of this church is the stained glass windows by Marc Chagall in the transept - in fact most people seem to ignore the rest of the church altogether. How much you like them really depends on how...

Churches - Grossmünster- Zürich, Switzerland - VirtualTourist.com
According to legend, Charlemagne discovered the graves of the city's martyrs Felix and Regula and had a church build as a choristers' cloister on the spot. Construction work on the present building began around 1100. In the first half of the 16th century, the Grossmunster was the starting point of t...

Grossmunster in Zurich
The crypt of Grossmünster is the oldest part of the Church. The poorly preserved wall paintings date from around 1500 and relate to the suffering of the Thebaic Legion and Felix and Regula. The monumental figure of Charlemagne was originally placed high up on the southern tower of Grossmün...

Grossmünster, Zürich
, the spires and tops of the Grossmünster's towers were destroyed. They were reconstructed with the Gothic belfires, watchrooms and octagonal cupolae which can still be seen today. The fire also provided an excuse to full embellish the interior with Baroque decoration, but it has since been res...

Grossmünster - Zürich Tourism - Official Website
On the last Friday of the month, there is a one-hour public tour of the Grossmünster church, during which visitors, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, will have a chance not only to discover the unique atmosphere of the church interior, but also to enjoy panoramic views of Zürich at night from ...

Grossmünster | Grossmünster, Zürich, Switzerland | Whatsonwhen
The Grossmünster ( Great Minster ) is one of the three major churches of Zürich, the others being the Fraumünster and St Peter. Its heart goes back to a church commissioned by Charles the Fat around 1100, completed around 1220. Famous for its two towers (completed in 1942 in Sweden), it originally h...

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