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Fox's Lobster House

Category: Seafood

Nubble Point, York Beach, ME 3910


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Fox's Lobster House - Reviews from across the web

Fox's Lobster House : Nubble Point, York Beach, ME
Every summer since 1966, Fox's Lobster House has been serving tons of fresh Maine lobster, seafood, homemade Maine blueberry pie, and ice cream to the thousands of tourists who come to visit the famous Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine each day. At Fox's Lobster House, lobsters are boiled the "o...

Fox's Lobster House : Nubble Point, York Beach, ME
"To me, Fox’s is the place to go to get first class food, without having to dress up to enjoy it! The atmosphere is welcoming and casual, the staff is professional, the view of Nubble light is fantastic, and let’s not forget my favorite - Phyllis’ famous home made blueberry pi...

Fox's Lobster House, York Beach - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor
Fox's excellent location, convenient to attractions like the Nubble Light and Long Sands beach, might give rise to the notion that it's a touristy sort of place. This couldn't be further from the truth. Enjoy panoramic ocean views while you enjoy lobster which is comparable to any of the best lobste...

York Beach: Fox's Lobster House - Traveler Reviews - very unhappy customer - TripAdvisor
Enjoy panoramic ocean views while you enjoy lobster which is comparable to any of the best lobster houses in Maine and at a reasonable price. The lobster pound (tank) is on full display for anyone who wants to see it. The appetizers and other menu items are excellent as well. I particularly enjoy th...

Fox's Lobster House, Nubble Point, York Beach, Maine
Fried and broiled seafood dinner highlights include the broiled maple salmon, fish and chips, seafood medley (with scallops, fresh haddock, and sweet salmon" and fried clams). Fox's also features filet mignon, fried chicken baskets, sandwiches, pastas and fresh salads, but the real draw is lobs...

Fox's Lobster House, York, ME : Reviews of Fox's Lobster House - Yahoo! Travel
Overlooking the Nubble Lighthouse, this restaurant specializes in fresh Maine lobster boiled the old fashioned way, seafood and homemade Maine blueberry pie. They...

The Independent - Fox's Lobster House turns 40 years young this Sunday - Aug 09, 2006
Nancy Wilson is head cashier, she said, and her drawer is to the penny, every night. … Victor Padolko - he's one of the heartbeats of the place, along with Scott Frici, Patrick Keefe, Justin Fox [Phyllis' son] and Kevin McArdle. … Our salad girls, Anna Pierce and Shauna Thomas, make the most won...

TNT ADVENTURES: Fox's Lobster House (York Beach, Maine)
On our first stop in Maine, we ate lunch at Fox's Lobster House which specializes in fresh lobster. Here's the seafood shack that overlooks the ocean and the picturesque Nubble lighthouse. We were so lucky to have the 2nd level of the restaurant all to ourselves while enjoying the ocean and lighthou...

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