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Festa della Sensa

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Grand Canal, Venice, 30100


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Festa della Sensa, Venice, Italy : Reviews of Festa della Sensa - Yahoo! Travel
Sensa is the name that the Venetians give to the Ascension, celebrated each year on the sixth Sunday after Easter. The Ascension is a historical event for the ...

Festa della Sensa, Venice - Reviews of Festa della Sensa - IgoUgo
, when the dog went out onto the Bucintoro and threw a wedding ring into the sea. In keeping the tradition, local authorities go out on a rowing boat and throw a ring into the sea. The Sensa festival also has meteorological significance: according to popular belief, if it rains on the day of Sensa, ...

Venice Events and Festivals; a Calendar | Italy Heaven
The Festa della Sensa celebrates the relationship between Venice and the sea. It involves a procession of boats traditionally led by the doge (nowadays the mayor) who throws a ring (nowadays a wreath) into the waves to symbolise a marriage between Venice and the sea (or Venice's dominion over the se...

VeNETia - The Sensa Feast-day
Today the ceremony is not as magnificent as in previous centuries, but the symbolism of the mystic marriage to the sea is still evident and is certainly still valid today. The Mayor of Venice, civic dignitaries and religious and military representatives leave Saint Mark’s Square and sail to th...

World Events Guide - Marriage to the Sea (Festa della Sensa)
This festival dates back to the days when the Doge demonstrated the supremacy of Venice and of the Republicís dominion in the gulf by taking a ceremonial barge out to the mouth of San Nicolo port and throwing a gold ring into the sea. Its earliest origins are linked to an old Byzantine feast and to ...

festa della sensa - veniceword international
In 997 the Dalmatian cities turned to Venice for help when they found themselves threatened by the Slavs. The fleet of the Serenissima, led by Doge Pietro Orseolo II, put out to sea from the port of Lido on the very day of the Ascension and won a historical victory over the eternal enemy. From that ...

Festa della Sensa, Venice, Venezia
The Sensa Feast-day, Ascension Day, was the major Venetian celebration at the time of the Republic. Moreover, it took on a special importance because of the huge number of pilgrims to be found in the city in spring awaiting passage on the Venetian ship...

VENICEBANANA - (almost) everything about Venice-Italyfesta della sensa
Originally, it was a very simple ceremony: a procession of boats and ships headed towards the opening of the port and the bishop blessed the sea to express their gratitude in the pr...

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