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A traves de la ciudad, Valencia


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iExplore Community: Preparing for Fallas - Valencia, Spain
On the Sunday of our visit, we were able to see part of the childrens’ parade. Hundreds of costumed children came past. We saw Alladin, Sinbad, and Ali Baba. There were storks carrying babies, characters from books (I think), and a variety of policemen, nurses, dancers, and soldiers. The floats were...

iExplore Community: Fallas Museum - Valencia, Spain
The bulk of the museum is taken up with smaller (ie.life-size) models of the much-larger float decorations that go up in flames during the final week of the Fallas festivities. These models are arranged chronologically, from around the 1920s to the present. The skill and effort behind their construc...

Las Fallas de Valencia - Spain
My family is from Valencia,and even though I live in Mexico, I had heard about Las Fallas. A few years ago I went to Valencia during Las Fallas and I have a few comments to make. First of all, this party is dedicated to Saint Joseph, and its objective is the celebration of the carpenters' patron sai...

Las Fallas de Valencia - Spain | iExplore.com
This is one of the best-known and most emblematic festivals in Spain which continues to grow in popularity each year. Tens of thousands of visitors join the whole city of Valencia in this festival of fire, in a mood of excitement and gaiety. Fallas are giant figures built of papier mache, wood and w...

The Fiestas of Spain : Las Fallas , Valencia
The ninots remain in place until March 19th, the day known as "La Crema." Starting in the early evening, young men with axes chop holes in the statues and stuff them with fireworks. The crowds start to chant, the streetlights are turned off, and all of the ninots are set on fire at exactly...

About Valencia .com: Las Fallas
Las Fallas literally means the fires in Valencian (a twisted provincial language somewhere between Spanish and Catalan). The focus of the fiesta is the creation and destruction of ninots--huge cardboard, wood and plaster statues--that are placed at over 350 key intersections and parks around the cit...

The "Planta" is the ceremony which everyone awaits with impatience. On 15 March the paper mache effigies are assembled, not without a considerable struggle, in the squares and streets of Valencia. Hundreds of these Fallas invade the city, as many as there are houses to make them. On this d...

Las Fallas
For twenty-four hours during the last four days of the festival, the city swells with constant excitement. There are non-stop explosions, dances, musical performances and street parties. The festivities grow more elaborate as the days get longer and later. Mornings begin with small firecrackers at s...

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