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Casa Mila

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Passeig de Gracia 92, Barcelona, 08008


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La Pedrera - Mila House (Casa Mila) - Barcelona - Reviews of La Pedrera - Mila House (Casa Mila) - TripAdvisor
After seeing the €16.50/person entrance fee at Casa Batllo, my fiancee and I walked 2-3 blocks up the street to La Pedrera, another much bigger Gaudi apartment building from the same de...

Casa Mila, Barcelona - Reviews of Casa Mila - IgoUgo
Having seen the apartments, we were keen to get on the roof, not realising that there was a major part of the visit to experience before that, the 'Espai Gaudí'. The roof space, which was once used to dry laundry, is now an exhibition of Gaudí's life and work. I was most impressed with the space i...

Gaudi's Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Barcelona - Reviews of Gaudi's Casa Mila (La Pedrera) - IgoUgo
This was something well worth the wait after the long queues. The building is divided into different sections. The fourth floor has been left as an example of an early-20th-century 'modernista' flat, and above this there is a section dedicated to drawings, models and film footage of Gaudi's work. I ...

Casa Mil (Barcelona) - Review - Who lives in a house like this?
Again there is a lack of straight lines with curved arches through which you are able to walk and solid white stone sculptures dotted around the outside of the inner courtyard. There is a range of textures and colours with some of the pieces covered in broken pieces of ceramic whilst others are pain...

Reviews on Casa Mil (Barcelona) Look at tests, reports and read reviews: dooyoo.co.uk
When we went to Barcelona at Easter I only had a couple of must see sights on my itinerary and one of them was Casa Mila or La Pedrera as it is otherwise known, this Gaudi designed building is now a World Heritage site and is most famous for the quite spectacular roof that it boasts however there is...

Casa Mila, La Pedrera- Barcelona, Spain - VirtualTourist.com
It's the most famous Gaud's block of flats, better known as La Pedrera (The quarry) because of the particular building shape, which does not have any straight line. If you watch at the building from the distance you can perfectly see its stone waves, trying to be like a sand-dune. The building was ...

iExplore Community: Casa Mila - Barcelona, Spain
A small museum in the attic provides a good overview of Guadis influences and techniques. Fantastically-shaped chimney pots and air ducts on the roof create a magical air. Evenings are the best time to visit the roof. Entrance at this time is limited. It is best to obtain tickets beforehand. On Fri...

iExplore Community: Casa%20Mila - Barcelona Popular%20Sights
"Wow," I murmured as we approached the sinuous facade quite unlike anything else on the boulevard. La Pedrera, or the Stone Quarry, occupies the corner of the block. The first thing I noticed was the oddly shaped chimneys at the top of the building. Evidently these chimneys were so unnervi...

RealTravel - Casa Mila Review | Casa Mila | Barcelona
I´ve seen a couple of them but when I went inside Casa Mila or La Pedrera it was amazing. There was a really cool apartment. The whole thing was really lit up and beautful because it was all natural light. T...

Travel Channel community: Casa Mila (La Pedrera) - Barcelona, Spain
The Casa Mila, also famously known by the nickname La Pedrera ( the rock quarry ), is perhaps architect Antoni Gaudi's most refined building. This eight-story granite apartment block (completed in 1910) is prominently located along the Passeig de Gracia, not far from Gaudi's more colorful Casa Batll...

Casa Mila - Read Reviews
...and one of them was Casa Mila or La Pedrera as it is otherwise known, this Gaudi designed building is now a World Heritage site and is most famous for the quite spectacular roof that it boasts however there is more to it than just that although to be honest the roof alone justifies the entry fee ...

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