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Botanische Staatssammlung

Category: Arts

Menzinger Strasze 67, MuNCHEN, 80638


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Botanische Staatssammlung, Munich, BY : Reviews of Botanische Staatssammlung - Yahoo! Travel
This collection began as the royal herb garden in 1813, and was added to over the decades, with the legacies of several famous botanists and a collection of plan...

Botanische Staatssammlung München - COMPINFO
The Compositae (Asteraceae or Sunflower family) form the largest flowering plant family in the world, with an estimated 25,000 species and was therefore well suited to serve as an example for a digital evaluation. The overall ecological and economical importance of the Compositae means that any know...

Botanische Staatssammlung Muenchen < Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Muenchen < Munich < Bavaria (Bayern) < Germany in the Yahoo! Directory
Bavaria (Bayern) Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Muenchen Botanische Staatssammlung Muenchen,Departments and Programs,Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Muenchen,College and University,Y...

museum.com - Botanische Staatssammlung
Dear museum visitor, you can edit your own public page for this particula...

museum.com - Botanische Staatssammlung München
Dear museum visitor, you can edit your own public page for this particula...

Botanische Staatssammlung München - Herbarium
The herbarium of the Botanische Staatssammlung München (herbarium acronym: M) comprises about 2.5 million dried specimens of plants and fungi and is systematically arranged. Associated are large collections of pickled flowers (important for the study of delicate and poorly-drying plant structur...

Botanische Staatssammlung München - Mission
The Botanische Staatssammlung is a public center for national and international scientists and private visitors, offering expert advice and identification services for special groups of plants and fungi. It is a center for documentation, supplying archives and developing data bases and online-system...

Disclaimer for WWW sites located at the Botanische Staatssammlung München
Use of the material provided by this server is bound by the following agreement: The publishers make no guarantee about the correctness, completeness, quality or suitability for any purpose of the information or software provided or linked to by this server. Information or software is provided "...

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BioCASe access point of The Myxomycetes Collection at the Botanische Staatssammlung München - Collection of Marti...

Bavarian State Collection for Botany
is a research institution that forms part of the Bavarian Natural History Collections. Its mission is to collect, preserve, research, and document plant and fungal diversity worldwide. This mission is based on a collection of almost 3,000,000 specimens, which makes the Botanische Staatssammlung one ...

LIAS - History
. For the first time, the data records of every genus were accessible via internet and could be changed or completed in case, errors or shortcomings were found. For updating the data, these checkbox forms can be altered and be posted to the LIAS site by pressing the 'Send item description' button (&...

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