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Mirror d'eau [Bordeaux]

Bordeaux is the capital of Aquitaine, France and is famous for its world-class wines. Its history dates back to the Roman Empire when it was set up as a colonial trading post. Today, Bordeaux is an important transportation hub between France and Spain.

The most popular tourist activity in Bordeaux is wine tasting. A number of wineries in the region welcome visitors with open arms for sampling of their wines, and if you come in October you can watch the grape harvest.

However, Bordeaux offers much more than wines. Located along the Garonne River near the Bay of Biscay, Bordeaux is a haven of 18th century architecture. The 18th century old town lies between the place de la Comédie in the north, the cathedrals to the west, and the buildings along the river bank. Scarce Roman remains can also be found at the Jardin Public. Bordeaux also has excellent fine-arts museums, parks, beaches and a vibrant nightlife. The Bordeaux Campus is the largest in France, and so there is a lively music, cultural, and artistic scene there. The nightlife in Bordeaux is equally vibrant with an array of English and Irish pubs offering live music, especially in the harbour of Les Quais.

Bordeaux is also a paradise for food connoisseurs. It is packed with numerous top-notch restaurants serving fresh Atlantic seafood. The best place to indulge is around du Parlement and place St. Pierre, which is lined with restaurants of different cuisines. In the summer, open-air riverside stalls are set up selling seafood and snacks along the quai des Chartrons.

The best time to visit Bordeaux is in the spring when the climate is neither chilly nor excessively hot. Wine aficionados should visit before wineries close in October and make reservations in advance.

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