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Blue Lagoon

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240 Grindavik, REYKJAViK


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Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik - Reviews of Blue Lagoon - IgoUgo
The water is actually bath-water warm, not boiling, and the sulfur smell is minimal. We were the first people there, so we had the whole lagoon to ourselves. The water is an ethereal blue and so opaque that you can't see more than an inch or so into it. As you move around the lagoon, you find vents ...

iExplore Community: The Blue Lagoon - Reykjavik, Iceland
No trip to Iceland is complete without a pilgrimage to the Blue Lagoon, a mineral-rich hot water discharge area where a swim is an experience to be savored. There is a distinct smell of sulphur in the air and the minerals are so thick that you will want to take along a strong shampoo to remove some ...

iExplore Community: Blue%20Lagoon - Reykjavik Other%20Sports
This Geothermal spa is a must for anyone visiting Iceland. It is approximately 45 minutes from Reykjavik and almost all hotels can arrange for a shuttle service to take you to the Lagoon. Once there, you get into your bathing suits in the locker and head to the lagoon. It was about 50 degrees Farenh...

Blue Lagoon - Svartsengi - Reviews of Blue Lagoon - TripAdvisor
Bláa Lónið (pronounced Bla'wa Low'neeth) for the Icelanders or The Blue Lagoon for the foreigners. That's the only place in Iceland that you are less likely to meet the locals. In fact, ...

Blue Lagoon- Reykjavk Region - VirtualTourist.com
I guess you could go to the Blue Lagoon in the summer time and still enjoy the full pleasure of a soothing mineral bath. The mud will still feel good on your face, the waterfall will give your body a therapeutic pounding, the water will still be warmer than the air. But - come on, you really don't e...

Blue Lagoon in Iceland - Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland - Blue Lagoon, Iceland Travel Review
's famous lagoon. You will see that the Blue Lagoon is surrounded by black lava rocks and covered with bright steam. Due to the size, it is easy to find your own private spot to get that weightless sensation as you float in the water. Enjoy the mineral rich water which is believed to have curative p...

Blue Lagoon Travel Guide - TravBuddy
Ok, sleeping in on holiday just isn't allowed I guess. After checking in at our hotel around 2am we passed out cold. Michael said we could sleep in and take our time getting ready because our excursion didn't start until 11:20. Wonderful I thought, we could sleep in a bit, grab breakfast and take ou...

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland : Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao.co.uk
Having first heard about the Blue Lagoon I wasn;t convinced I wanted to visit, but thought that it would be a waste to go all the way to Iceland and miss it, so we booked an excursion run by Reykjavik Excursions. We turned up at the bus station and just booked it on the day. Apparently they were doi...

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland - Review - Warm spa waters in icy iceland
It is essentially a hot lagoon to swim in. When I say swim, I should say 'dip' as it is pretty shallow and swimming isnt that easy. This is compounded by the fact that you will proabably bump into the many (German and English) tourists! It is very relaxing, and I spent most of my time (about 3 hours...

Blue Lagoon, Northern Light Inn Iceland Review - Iceland. Review of 261041
Although the Northern Light Inn does not appear attractive from the outside this is more than made up for by the diligence, and attitude of the staff. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They collected us (and took us back ) from the airport, and ferried us backwards and forwards from the Blue La...

Visit Reykjavík - Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is accessible by car or by bus from Reykjavik (approximately a 40 minute drive, towards Keflavik airport), and is also included on many organised bus tours. Many visitors stop for a dip in the Blue Lagoon immediately on arrival at the airport, or just before departure, as it is locat...

Blue Lagoon Iceland geothermal destination spa, massage, skin care, psoriasis treatment, restaurant
Blue Lagoon has opened a new shop at Keflavík International Airport. The shop offers a selection of Blue Lagoon skin care products and energizing spa treatments, available at the shop’s spa area. Spa service is now available at many international airports and the service becomes increasingly popu...

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