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Birendranagar added by Rabindra l (रवीन्द्र बराल)
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Rabindra l (रवीन्द्र बराल)

Rabindra l (रवीन्द्र बराल) says 14 years ago
Birendranagar Centre of a Valley and a symbol of Natural Beauty
This place was Amazing
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Birendranagar Music Concert Birendranagar is one of the most popular city in Mid western region of Nepl and also a meager economic hub for the very Zoon it is in Surkhet Valley Surkhet Valley is in the Midwest Nepal, the Valley looks like a sup bole its very beautiful surrounding bye green mountain, and a plane aria in the center, Birendrnager is the main city of Surkhet valley Chinchu is other meager town in the district

But Birendranagar is one of the main administrative center in west Nepal , it’s a Headquarter of Mid Western Region of Nepal. and it’s a raising city, progressing it self, and full of natural Beauty, the Bul Bul lake is famous in Birendranagar Karke and other pounds are also near the city center And the Lati Koiyli Temple and the Kakre Bihar (A Buddhist Monastery) are the attractive place in Surkhet. Bheri River is just out of the Valley, rafting service is available in Bheri Rivar, Nikas And Jhupra river are falling inside the valley.

Birendranagar is the commercial city for Dailekh Jajrkot and vireos remote District of Mid and Far western Nepal, and it is getaway of Karnali zone its connected with Nepalgung , Kohalpur and the rest of the country by Ratna Highway, and connected with Dailekh, Dang and Jajrkot by other Different Rode, it’s the connection point of the Jumla,Humla and the capital Katmandu by the air, the medium level airport is Near the city center.

Local transportation and hotel in Birendrnagar's are good, can fly and drive from other larger truest destination Like Pokhara Lumbini Bhartpur and Katmandu.

Birendranagar also a famous destination of the education and health of Mid and far western Nepal, schools, high schools and the collages in different faculties are situated in the city, people from Jajarkot, Dailekha specially come to study in Birendranagar. I also find the student of Karnali zone dreams to go Birendranagar as same the student of Katmandu dreams to the America and Europe. As a turest we just can say if you want to learn Nepali and other local languages (like Khas and MagarKham) easily learn in Birendranagar

Also it is the main health and treatment destination of the Mid and far western of Nepal, a district hospital with 3 or 4 doctor and a regional hospital are the main health intuition of Birendranagar other private institution also serving people. We can get accidental or regular treatment in Birendranagar easily.

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