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Bath Abbey

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13 Kingston Buildings, Bath, BA1 1LT


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Bath Abbey - Bath - Reviews of Bath Abbey - TripAdvisor
Not a big fan of old churches, but this one was pretty neat to go through. A relative of mine was married here in 1820, so that's why I visited. If you like seeing things like this, i...

Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults - Bath - Reviews of Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults - TripAdvisor
Located in Bath Abbey, England's last great medieval church, these vaults trace the thousand-year history of the structure featuring Saxon and Normal sculptures, a reconstruction of the medieval Abbey and displa...

Bath Abbey | Museum/Attraction Review | Bath | Frommers.com
Built on the site of a much larger Norman cathedral, the present-day abbey is a fine example of the late Perpendicular style. When Queen Elizabeth I came to Bath in 1574, she ordered a national fund to be set up to restore the abbey. The west front is the sculptural embodiment of a Jacob's Ladder dr...

Bath Abbey, Bath - Bath venue review - Itchy Bath Guide
Push past the group of exchange students cluttering up the doorway and take a peek at the fantastic stained glass windows on the far wall. They will, of course, ask you for a suggested donation of £2 but muttering something about Jesus throwing the money lenders out of the temple usually slows...

Bath Abbey, Bath - Bath venue review - Itchy Bath Guide
Bath's abbey is pretty hard to miss really. It's one of the country's finest Norman churches, built nearly a thousand years ago, and home to some important moments in British history (the first king of a united England was crowned here, and Itchy's mate got off with Big Bertha on the steps back in s...

Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults, Bath - Reviews of Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults - IgoUgo
Located underground on the southeast side of the Abbey, the Vaults are built over a medieval monks' cloister. The museum provides a concise but complete history of the religious and civil influences on the Abbey. Stonework and artefacts from Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods are preserved for viewing...

iExplore Community: Bath%20Abbey - Bath Popular%20Sights
Bath Abbey is a gothic church built at the end of the 15th century on the site of a Norman church from the 11th century. The Abbey has many beautiful stained-glass windows. An interesting detail of the fašade is the ange...

iExplore Community: Bath%20Abbey - Bath Popular%20Sights
Begun on the site of an earlier abbey in 1499, this abbey soars. A series of flying buttresses on each side divide five large light windows. As with many churches this size, the exterior is as much an architectural wonder as the interior. Witness the wonderful stone carving of ascending and descendi...

Bath Abbey - Bath - Sightseeing - QYPE
Its restoration in 1864 finally saw these elements finished to their original design, under the sure hand of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. The result is a feast of perpendicular architecture, with spectacular fan vaults and those huge panel windows. This is not to everyone's taste - it has been likened t...

Bath Abbey- Bath, United Kingdom - VirtualTourist.com
Another beautiful church. :) Begun in 1499, Bath Abbey is the last of the great medieval churches of England. The West front depicts the dream that inspired the Abbeys founder Bishop Oliver King, to pull down the ruined Norman Cathedral and raise the present building on its foundations. 3 different ...

Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults, Bath, United Kingdom : Reviews of Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults - Yahoo! Travel
Located underground on the southeast side of the Abbey , the Vaults are built over a medieval monks' cloister. The museum provides a concise but com...

Bath Abbey - Bath Photos - IgoUgo
- Invest the £6 (less for students) to take the City Tour bus around town. You can take two: one takes you around the city center, the other takes you further east past the University and Prior ...

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